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List of Supported phones by Infinity-Box
« on: November 04, 2007, 11:26:09 PM »
Supported models [04-Nov-2007]:

Aiko: 17G, 51G, 52G
Airam: M342
Airness: Air99, MK99
Airtel: Cordless_FGD8900
AK-Mobile: AK760i
Alcatel: E15x_16x_25x, OT152
Amstrad: S288
Anycall: 1689, other
Anycool: D1200, D1210, D66, D66+, other
Asus: V75, V80
Audiovox: GPRS748, GSM609
AUX-Mobile: M780, M855, M868, Z33, other
Avivo: 1950g, 1960g
BenQ-Siemens: A38, A500, C71A, CF61, CL71, E61, EF51, EF61, EF71, M100, M220, M300, M305, M315, M350, M580, S700, S80, S82, S88, SFG75
Bird: D611, D612, D630, D650, D660, D670, D706, D716, D720, D730, D736, S1120, S1180C, S1186, S198, S199, S288, S299, S570, S688, S699, S788, V09, V10, other
BLCOM: V8, other
Bleu: 251s, 251x, 550x, 551x, 651x, 651Z
Bluetooth: 2600, 2640, 337, 339, 349, 526, 536, 626, 6688, 6888, 6889, 808, 888, 998, 999, C800, C8000, C8800, C92, C98, E70, E78, K320, K328, K400, K440, N77, N78, N79, N79C, N82, N83, N8600, N91, N95, N97, V648, other
BMW: A8, other
Camry: V138, other
Cect: 3360, 505, 6300R, 6600, 668, 808, 8100, 8110+, 838+, 8380, 8380-PDA, 858, 860, 8800, 888+, 9988, A1600, A1800, A520, A606, A666, B8, C2000, C3000, C3000c, C600, C6111, C8000, C8200, C8220, C8400, C8600, C9900, D120, D122, D240, D242, D900, E591, E680, E680i, E818, I530, i658, i70, K328, K808, K86, L2000+, L2200+, M1818, M1818-PDA, M530, M8600, M901, N1000, N168, N1818, N518, N528, N538, N548, N73, N788, N81, N82, N84, N85, N87, N95, N95-PDA, O2R, P168, P8100, P8100+, P8300, P9100, Q300, Q300A, Q300C, Q302, Q306, Q380, Q500, Q500-2sim, Q600, Q610, Q618, Q618-2sim-PDA, Q800, Q86, S500, S500-O2S, S500-PDA, S500-PDA-02Mini-3D-Sound, S510, S560, S560-MPEG5, S588, S800+, T410, T520, T590, T688i, T688i-2sim, T688-PDA, T689, T718, U880, U8800, U8810, U90, V180, V3, V4, V400, V480, V490, V5, V6, V668, V7, V8, V9, V90, V909, V919, V92, V929, Y809, other
Chinese-Motorola: A1200, A606, K1, V230, V3, V33, V333, V336, V666, other
Chinese-Nec: 1000i, other
Chinese-Nokia: 3230, 3230C, 3250, 3280, 3680, 5200, 5310, 5700, 5700+, 5710, 5720, 6118, 6128, 6131i, 6200, 6280, 6280i, 6288, 6288-PDA, 6300, 6300C, 6300i, 6300-Q7, 6300r, 6300y, 6500, 6621, 6680, 6681, 6700i, 6708, 6808, 7260, 7380, 7390, 8030, 8030-2sim, 8800, 8800+, 8800A, 8800i, 8800S, 8800-Sirocco, 8830, 9900, C92, C93, E60, E60i, E60-PDA, E89, E95, M5700+, M77, N1000, N151, N153, N157, N177, N203, N203i, N204, N204i, N207, N207i, N288, N290, N303, N321, N39, N4, N50, N52, N52i, N54, N57, N57i, N57i-2sim, N600, N606, N608, N616, N618, N6500, N66, N66-2sim, N666i, N668, N66i, N67, N67i, N68, N688, N688i, N7, N70, N70C, N70i, N72, N72i, N73, N730, N73-2sim, N73C, N73C-2sim, N73D, N73G, N73i, N73L, N73-music-edition, N73-PDA, N75, N77, N777, N777i, N77i, N78, N78-2sim, N788, N78s, N79, N80, N800, N81, N82, N8201, N82i, N83, N83c, N83i, N84, N84i, N85, N85i, N86, N86i, N87, N87c, N87i, N88, N8800, N8800L, N888, N8888, N88A, N88c, N88i, N88s, N89, N9, N90, N900, N900i-2sim, N90i, N90s, N91, N91i, N91i-TV, N92, N920i-2sim, N922i-2sim, N927i-2sim, N92G, N92i, N9-2sim, N93i, N93i-2sim, N94, N94i, N94s, N95, N95+, N95-2sim, N95C, N95i, N95i-2sim-music-edition, N95i-slider, N95-PDA, N95s, N95S-2sim, N95-slider, N96, N96i, N96i-2sim, N96-PDA, N97i, N98, N98G, N98i, N98i-TV, N98K, N99, N990, N99-2sim, N99B, N99i, N99N, O3-838, Q7, Q7+, S89, T98, TV5, TV7, V8800, Veptu, Vertu, VT1300, VT9, other
Chinese-Other: 2GSM, 338, 838+, 9900, A203, A308, A380, A68, A706, A818, A900, A930+, A950, A968, B889, C600, Gionee, K188, K3288, K808, K915, K916, L7, L8000, L8080, L999, MK168, MStar, N100, PDA-328, PDA-6688, PDA-W726, S760+, S760TV, S780+, T158, V168, V333, V628, V668, V9, VS400, W726, W726-PDA, W726-PDA-2sim, Y690, YZ09, ZH6688, ZS89, ZT320, ZT321, other
Chinese-PDA: D328, other
Chinese-Pocket-PC: 1688-2sim, other
Chinese-Samsung: A838, D500i, D520i, D600i, D800, D820, D828, D860i, D900, D958, E680, E700, E708, E708+, E712D, E730, E730+, E730C, E738, E760i, E900, Q101, X180, X810, X810+, other
Chinese-Sharp: P810, other
Chinese-Sony-Ericsson: K288, K750, K750C, K750i, K758, K790i, K800, K800i, K808, K809, P800, P990i, V666, V700, W610i, W660, W700, W800, W800i, W880i, other
Chinese-Vertu: Royal, V1, other
Chiva: LM718, ST319, UK598, other
Cosun: 289, 512, C512, N73i, other
Cyber-Shot: E860, other
Daewoo: D600, other
DBTel: J6
Dirland: E307, P708
Dubao: 758, 777, other
DVD: S618, other
Easycall: 6600, other
Elitek: GT101YN, other
Elson: E800, ESL808, MP500, SL308, SL900
Emblaze: Sting6, Touch7
Enteos: i-BD620
Everfo: E32, E591, E711D, E713D, E730, E863, E866, E911, E912, E927, E941, other
Ezio: E300, E800, ESL808, MP500, SL308, SL900, other
Fly: 2040, 2040i, 2060, 2080, FT10, M100, MP220, MP300, MP400, MP500, MP600, MX200, MX200i, MX230, MX300, MX330, SL100, SL200, SL300m, SL400m, SL500i, SL500m, SL600, SL600-Vodafone, SLT100, SX210, SX240, SX300, V40, V50, X3, X7, Z200, Z300, Z300a, Z400, Z500
FUN: N73, other
Gaoxinqi: A818, other
GeneralMobile: DST10, other
GEO: G1, GV500, Gv880
G-net: G409-mini, other
Gradiente: GC300, GF500, GF760, GF910, GF910i, GF930, GF930i, GF950, GF970, Vibe
G-Star: 618, G2, G6, G851, GM108, GM128, GM208, GM209, GM238, GM308, GM318, GM328, GM329, GM338, GM508, GM528, GM608, GM618, GM618-Slim, GM809, GM851, GM896, GM896M, other
GT-Mobile: 1268, 1400, 450, TV100, other
Haier: Z1000
Hantel: D1838, other
Holleycomm: H3270, other
Huawei: C2205, C2285
Huayu: K888, other
Hutch: Usha-Laxus
Hyundai: H350, L480, MP318, MP510, MP718, MP728, MP738
I-Mobile: 100, 301, 306, 308, 313, 508, 510, 511, 600, 601, 602, 603, 604, 606, 608, 609, 609i, 610, 611, 901, 902, BlackIce, other
Infinity: 5800-2sim, Q500, S380, other
ITel: IT600, other
Kaiqi: N107, other
Kejian: K508, M680, other
Kenuo: KN-D8, other
Kifung: S108, other
Kingpo: E302, other
Kinlong: K228i, K288+, other
KLoong: A913, E714, E718, other
KN-Mobile: KN200, KN300, KN310, KN400, KN500
Konka: A26M, C636, C926, C966, D163, D225, EC001, M910
KTech: 8020, 8030, N8899, other
KTouch: B718, B922, B923, B938, other
Leady: GT6107, X501, other
Lenovo: E300, E307, P708, P710, V707
LG: B2050, B2060, B2070, B2100, C1100, C1150, C2200, C2500, C2600, C3300, C3320, C3400, G1800, KG110, KG120, KG130, KG190, KG200, KG220, KG225, KG240, KG270, KG271, KG275, KG276, KG278, KG280, KG300, KG320, KP200, KP202, L342i, L343i, MG101, MG110, MG120, MG160, MG161, MG225, MG230, MG280, MG320
Lion: 7, other
Luxury: G851, other
Malata: Lopp-P07, M696, other
Maximus: EX60, other
Medion: 2860, MD-95100
Motorola: C113(a), C114, C115, C115i, C116, C117, C118, C119, C121, C122, C123, C136, C138, C139, C140, C141c, C155, C156, C157, C168, C168i, C257, C261, E365, F3, V170, V171, V172, V173, V175, V176, V177, V690, V872, V878, W150, W150i, W170, W170C, W200, W205, W208, W209, W210, W220, W355, W370, W375
MP4: 2000, 6188, O2-mini, O2R, O2S, O2S-Dopod, PDA-K18, other
MPEG4: 2000, 3000, 3200, 3210, 3300, 3320, 4000, 4100, A968, other
MTV: N73, other
My_Way: MW100
Narnia: 8088, V6, other
Nckia: E95, M5700, M5700+, other
Nec: E101, E121, E122, N200, N208, N342i, N343i, N344i, N650i, N910, N916, N917, N919
Nerys: N330
NewGen: C1000, C610, C620, C710, C800, E1000, E1100, E1200, Mars, S410, T1000
Nex: Mini, other
Noca: T856, T856-W88-PDA, other
Nokia: 1255
Nokla: E90, N73-PDA, N77, N95, N95-2sim, other
O2: Jet(J1), O2X1B, O2X1I, O2X2i, O2X3, O2X4, O2X7, O2XLI
O3: 818, 838, other
Omnipotence: Micky, other
Orange: TR1
Panasonic: A100, A101, A102, A200, A210, A500, G50, G51E, G51M, G60, G70, GD55, GD67, GD68, MX6, MX7, SA6, SA7, SC3, VS2, VS3, VS6, VS7, X100, X200, X300, X400, X500, X60, X66, X68, X70, X700, X701, X77
Pantech: C120, C3, G3900, G800, G900, GB300, PG-1000, PG-1200, PG-1210, PG-1400, PG-1410, PG-1500, PG-3000, PG-3200, PG-3210, PG-3500, PG-3600, PG-6100, PG-C300, PN210
Philips: 390, 568, 768, 960, S200, S220, S660, S800, S890
Porsche: Cayenne, other
RedStar: 902-TV, other
Rex: P990, other
Sambao: N95, other
Samsung: C140, C140i, C260, C260M, C266, C300, E900, X120, X140
Sands: A203, A303, A303i, P908, other
Sanxing: E415, E70, E78, V52, other
Sanyo: S750
Schauen: N16, other
SED: 838+, 950, B908, S1000, V628, V630, V638, V639, X688, X688-2sim, X689, X716, X827, X941, Y690, other
Siemens: AP75, CFX65, CL75, SFG75, ST55, ST60
Simoco: SM377, other
Sitronics: SM8190, SM8290
Skyzen: EZ300, EZ400, EZ500, EZ600, EZ800
Smarj: S70, other
Smart: G831, G850, V800, other
Song: A168, other
Sony-Ericsson: J100(i), J110i, J120i, K200i, K220i, K310, K320, K510, K550, K60x, K610, K618, K750, K758, K790, K800, K810, S500, V600, V630, W200, W300, W550, W580, W600, W610, W660, W700, W710, W800, W810, W830, W850, W880, W888, W900, Z310, Z520, Z525, Z530, Z550, Z558, Z610, Z710
Spice: D88, S400, S404, S404N, S410, S450, S5, S500, S530, S540, S555, S600, S640, S8, S800, S900, S920
Sprint: 7700, other
Sucee-Tong: 998, other
Sunforce: K600, K600i, K800, K800i, other
Suny-ericssom: Cyber-shot-P999, other
Swatch: M300, other
Swatch-Mobile: M300, other
TCL: 3188+, 3188M, 3188U, 718, 728, 738, D659, E330, GQ05, M361, M388, M530, M580, M586, M819, Q510, Q515, Q550, T106, T108, T550, T558, T766, T939, U58, U80, V18, V6, other
Tecno: D100, M280, ST600, T600, T800, V410, V500, V801, X200, X200i, X210, other
Telsda: 319, 319+, 349, TS617, TS627, TS637, other
Tevion: MD96110
Thomson: TN320, TN710
Tianyu: A699, other
Toshiba: TS10, TS30, TS608
Trend: T100, T181, T200, other
UCOO: U38, other
Usha: Laxus
UTstarcom: GPRS748, GPRS758, GPRS778, GPRS779, GSM708, GSM718, GSM719
Veptu: 8088, other
Virgin_Lobster: Lobster-485, Lobster-544, Lobster-575, MicroSnapper
Vitel: TSM1, TSM2, TSM3, TSM4, TSM5m, TSM6
VK-Mobile: VG207, VK200, VK200_unlock, VK2000, VK2010, VK2020, VK207i, VK3100, VK4000, VK4500, VK500, VK518, VK520, VK530, VK540, VK550, VK560, VK570, VK580, VK700, VK800, VK900
Voxtel: 3iD, BD50, BD60, RX11, RX600, RX800, V350, V500, VS600, VS800
XED: X689, other
Xingtai: 338, other
XTelecom: X3128, other
Xunchi: 138, other
Zetta: A10
Zonda: G1840, G1860, G1880
ZT: 2688, 303, 6618, 6668, other
ZTC: 168, 169, 268, 588, 660, 6618, 663, 6688, A168, A231, A281, A287, A5, A818, A838, A990, D1100, D1110, D1112, D1117, D1120, D1200, D828, E550, F1, H18, H668, H688, IP9300, M608, M618, N328, N328-blueteech, N329, P8500, S508, S508+, T518, T88, ZT009, ZT018, ZT019, ZT11, ZT168, ZT169, ZT199, ZT2688, ZT303, ZT321, ZT508, ZT528, ZT5680, ZT5688, ZT580, ZT588, ZT588+, ZT6618, ZT6618-PDA, ZT6668, ZT6688, ZT6698, ZT6699, ZT8008, ZT8088, ZT8089, ZT8828, ZT8828+, ZT8886, ZT8898, ZT89, ZT890, ZT898, ZT918, ZT988, ZT999, ZTN329, ZTS508, other
ZTE: 201, 2010, 202, 203, 204, 225, 7310, 7610, A12+, A35, A37, A80

Other "Chinese" brands/models supported.

Special unique feature: repair killed with other tools (can't power-on after wrong flashing) Chinese MT6226, MT6227 models via ASK2RPL service !

Detailed description of supported models/functions:
Demo access to support area, try before buy:
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List of Supported phones by Infinity-Box
« on: November 04, 2007, 11:26:09 PM »


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