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Unlock : Iphone 6/6+ Plus on ios 8


       As part of this post we’re going to cover a few snippets of need-to-know information pertaining to iPhone 6+ plus and iPhone 6 official unlock using iPhone IMEI Unlock method. The information contained within will attempt to provide a small but detailed insight into the iPhone 6+ / 6 unlocking process involved in this IMEI unlock, what to expect when the order is put through, and how to deal with the final steps of the process.

* Navigate directly to the official iPhone 6+/ 6 Unlock.
* Select the network your iPhone 6+ or 6 is locked to.
* Familiarizing oneself with everything attached to the order is always a  
   good idea.
* Read through the product information before proceeding.
* Obtain and enter the unique IMEI number of  your iPhone 6+/6 in question. * Make sure to copy this number off the device correctly so as to limit the  
   possibility of any issues occurring.
* After completing your order, wait until receiving the congratulations email.
* Connect the iPhone 6+/6 to your PC or Mac.

      Go through the usual process to sync the device with iTunes. If everything has gone according to plan a confirmation message will confirm a successful unlock.


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