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Celebrate Window Mobile Information
« on: March 30, 2008, 02:39:57 AM »
Since even the specialist find it hard to make their way through the diversity of available devices based on the HTC platforms, our team has assembled a table in order to guide you through the handsets based on different HTC platforms that have come out under the six most famous brands: Qtek, i-Mate, Dopod, O2, T-Mobile, and Orange.
Perhaps you already know that HTC officially announced that it was no longer to manufacture Qtek branded phones. As of 15th of June 2006 HTC is to sell its handhelds under its own brand HTC. The first two additions to the new product line are the PocketPC based on the Hermes platform called HTC TyTN and the Smartphone based on the HTC Breeze platform called HTC MTeoR.

PocketPC phones

HTC Wallaby 2002/Q2 Qtek 1010
Qtek 1020   Dopod 686 O2 XDA T-Mobile MDA  
HTC Himalaya (Andes) 2003/Q3 Qtek 2020 i-Mate PocketPC Dopod 696 O2 XDA-II T-Mobile MDA-II Orange SPV M1000  
HTC Blue Angel 2004/Q3 Qtek 9090 i-Mate PDA2K Dopod 700 O2 XDA-IIs T-Mobile MDA-III Orange SPV M2000
HTC Magician 2004/Q4 Qtek S100 i-Mate Jam Dopod 818 O2 XDA-II Mini T-Mobile MDA Compact Orange SPV M500
Vodafone v1620/VPA III
HTC Magician Refresh 2005/Q2 Qtek S110 i-Mate Jam Black Dopod 828     Orange SPV M500
Vodafone VPA Compact
HTC Alpine
(Mont Blanc) 2004/Q4 Qtek 2020i i-Mate PDA2 Dopod 696i O2 XDA-IIi   Orange SPV M2500
HTC Charmer 2005/Q2         T-Mobile MDA Compact II  
HTC Prophet 2005/Q4 Qtek S200
review i-Mate JamIn Dopod 818 Pro O2 XDA Neo   Orange SPV M600
HTC Universal 2005/Q3 Qtek 9000 i-Mate JasJar Dopod 900 O2 XDA Exec T-Mobile MDA Pro Orange SPV M5000
Vodafone v1640
HTC Wizard (Prodigy) 2005/Q4 Qtek 9100
review i-Mate
K-JAM Dopod 838 O2 XDA Mini S T-Mobile MDA Vario Orange SPV M3000
Cingular 8100/8125
Vodafone VPA Compact II
HTC Hermes
HTC TyTN P4500 2006/Q2 Qtek 9600
first look i-Mate JasJam Dopod 838 Pro/CHT 9000 O2 XDA Trion T-Mobile MDA Vario II Orange SPV M3100
Cingular 8525
Vodafone v1605
HTC Artemis
HTC P3300 2006/Q3     Dopod P800W O2 XDA Orbit T-Mobile MDA Compact III Orange SPV M650
HTC Trinity
HTC P3600 2006/Q3     Dopod D810/CHT 9100     Orange SPV M700
Vodafone VPA Compact GPS
HTC Muse (Melody) possibly canceled Qtek S300          
HTC Herald
HTC P4350 2006/Q4     Dopod C800/C858 O2 XDA Terra   Vodafone VPA Compact IV
HTC Love
HTC P3350 2007/Q1     Dopod M700      
HTC Athena(Advantage)
HTC X7500 2007/Q1     Dopod U1000   T-Mobile Ameo  
HTC Gene
HTC P3400 2007/Q1     Dopod D600      
HTC Kaiser
TyTN_II 2007/Q3       O2 XDA Stellar T-Mobile MDA Vario III  
HTC Touch P3450 2007/Q2       O2 XDA Nova    
HTC Sirius
HTC P6500 2007/Q4            
HTC Foreseer DVB-H TV rumored            
HTC Panda
HTC P6300 2007/Q2       O2 Argon    
HTC Polaris
HTC Touch Cruise 2007/Q4       O2 XDA Orbit II    
HTC Nike
HTC Touch Dual 2007/Q4       O2 XDA Star    
HTC Omni rumored
HTC Touch Diamond "P3700/P3490 2008/          

HTC Canary 2002/Q2 Qtek 6080   Dopod 515     Orange SPV
HTC Tanager 2002/Q4 Qtek 7070 i-Mate Smartphone Dopod 515     Orange SPV E100
HTC Voyager 2003/Q3 Qtek 8060
Qtek 8080 i-Mate SP2 Dopod 535 O2 Xphone   Orange SPV E200
HTC Typhoon 2004/Q3 Qtek 8010 i-Mate SP3 Dopod 565     Orange SPV C500
HTC Typhoon Feeler 2004/Q4 Qtek 8020 i-Mate SP3i Dopod 575 O2 Xphone II   Vodafone VDA
HTC Typhoon Sonata 2004/Q4         T-Mobile SDA  
HTC Typhoon Amadeus 2004/Q4 Qtek 8100   Dopod 585 O2 Xphone IIm T-Mobile SDA music  
HTC Hurricane 2005/Q2 Qtek 8200 i-Mate SP4m Dopod 566
Dopod 586 O2 XDA Phone T-Mobile SDA II Orange SPV C550
HTC Tornado
(Riemma, Faraday, Noble, Tempo) 2005/Q4 Qtek 8300
Qtek 8310
review i-MateSP5
i-Mate SP5m Dopod 586W
Dopod 577W O2 XDA Orion
O2 XDA IQ T-Mobile SDA Music II Orange SPV C600
Cingular 2100/2125
Vodafone v1240/VDA II
HTC Blizzard possibly canceled              
HTC StarTrek
HTC StrTrk 2006/Q2 Qtek 8500 i-Mate Smartflip Dopod s300     Orange SPV F600
Cingular 3125
HTC Breeze
HTC MTeoR 2006/Q2 Qtek 8600
first look i-Mate SP JAS Dopod 595     Orange SPV C700
HTC Excalibur
HTC S620 2006/Q3     Dopod C720W O2 XDA Cosmo  T-Mobile Dash Orange SPV E600
HTC Oxygen
HTC S310 2006/Q3     Dopod 310     Orange SPV C100
HTC S710 2007/Q1     Dopod C500     Orange SPV E650
HTC Vera rumored            
HTC Cavalier
HTC S630 2007/Q3            
HTC Erato
HTC S420 rumored            
HTC Wings
HTC S730 2007/Q4          

When we started preparing the table it seemed like an easy task to do but the heaps of misleading or ambiguous information and the lack of official one has made it a daunting task for us. Nevertheless, we did our best at providing you with the most trustworthy information we could find. It’s inevitable, though, that when you try to collect so much data, sooner or later mistakes start to pop up – we’ve tried to avoid those by double checking everything where possible. As ever, we are always open to your suggestions, so if you would like to add some information to the table or you think that there is something to correct, do not hesitate to contact us on our email [email protected] We remain devoted to keep the table up-to-date as much as possible since a compiled information source like that is really hard to find.
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Celebrate Window Mobile Information
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Celebrate Window Mobile Information
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2008, 06:20:56 AM »
tanx br for this use full post but some time i have problem to identification the htc devices means Wallaby wich models come in this catogrey Prophet wich models are in the prophet family hope my Question is clear so plz help me in this really need it