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<<<o>>> <<< Resolve GREEN LIGHT Problems >>> <<<o>>>
« on: June 29, 2012, 07:52:02 AM »
GREEN Light Problems can also be caused by Old FTDI Drivers.

How to detect if your Problem is Hardware or Software?

Software Problem Symptoms:

1. ATF Box is NOT DETECTED by the ATF Software.
2. Device Manager shows Driver Version "2007", "2006" etc...
3. You have just recently installed JAF, UFS, SE, UB, etc... any other box that uses FTDI Chip

Easy fix for GREEN Light Software Problems is:

1. Remove ATF Box from USB Port

2. Remove ATF Drivers using this:

C:\AdvanceBox Turbo Flasher\Driver\Remove_ATF_Drivers\Remove_ATF_Drive rs.bat

3. Reconnect ATF Box to USB Port and install the Proper Drivers.

If you are still having Problems after the reinstalling the Drivers, then maybe you need to
modify the PCB. Read first this thread before modifying your PCB.

Q: What is really the Problem ???
A: One batch of LT1930 ordered from Linear Tech was plagued with problems.

Q: Was this caused by Short-Circuit Phones ???
A: No, sometimes they malfunction even when they are idle.

Q: My Box is still OK, but getting Hot... Is this the same Problem ???
A: Unfortunately, Yes...

Q: So I need to buy Replacement Parts ?
A: No, you just need to remove the LT1930 and it's 3 supporting components

Q: So with "less" parts, do I get "less" features out of my Box ?
A: No, all Functions will be the same and you get extra 1.5 GB bandwidth for
the first 6 months (Box Warranty Period).

Q: Do I loose 6 Months Warranty if I open my Box ?
A: No, but you must put the "Special Firmware" inside the box in so that
your Warranty will still be Valid.

Q: My box is 100% ok, but I want free 1.5 GB extra Bandwidth. Can I put
"Special Firmware" inside my box even without Modifying the PCB ?
A: No, You will Kill your box. Special Firmware is only for Modified PCB. After
putting Special Firmware inside the box, you cannot go back to Regular
Firmware unless you make a Manual Request to the Product Supporters.

Q: My Box already has Special Firmware Inside, what happens if I click
"Restore Box" from the Software?
A: It is 100% safe. The Server will detect your Special Firmware and restore
the correct Firmware for your PCB.

Q: Ok, I am ready to modify my ATF box, where do I get the FULL
Instructions ?
A: Here you go:

Please Post on this Thread if you have more Questions.



<<<o>>> <<< Resolve GREEN LIGHT Problems >>> <<<o>>>
« on: June 29, 2012, 07:52:02 AM »


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