Author Topic: 09.04.08 SagemEG_V7.7 released. E-GOLDlite Sagem phones supported.  (Read 2463 times)


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SAGEM EG 7.7 released

From SagemJTAGUnlockerTeam ...

We are glad to present SagemEG unlocker,
it's a tool for unlocking of latest E-GOLDlite based Sagem phones.

The main features are:
1.Direct unlock function;
2.Blocked phones repair;
3.Backup original Lock security block;
4.Flash read.

List of supported phones:
Vodafone 125; Vodafone 225; Vodafone 226; My150x; My220x; My220v;

The E-GOLDlite platform is a new challenge for SagDD Team.
We will be very grateful for customers opinion ,impression and recommendations.
For us is also very important to receive more flash.bin from customers phones.

Now the usage rules of new SagemEG:
SagemEG will be free of charge for every SagDD user who has charged
accoutn for unlocking LoCosto/Sec. Calypso+ phones with minimum 25logs in it(even used).

Unlocking of E-GOLDlite phones don't take a credits!!!

Recommendation  how to use the new SagemEG:
Use well known USB-TO-COM cable (type AC101) for unlocking LoCosto based Sagems.
The System connector of E-GOLDlite based Sagems (except Vodafone 125 and Vodafone 225)
is fully compatible with new 16 pin connector used in my700x/my200C/my411x/my300C and other.
TP picture for successful connection Vodafone 125/225  is located in support area.
The unlocking procedure is a same as well know from Sec.Calypso+ and LoCosto based Sagems.
After receiving message 'Direct Unlock succeeded' your phone is ready to use!




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