Author Topic: How does PadFinder work with other boxes like Infinity, Furious, ET-box etc.?  (Read 1423 times)


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PadFinder is fully compatible with other boxes. The box can work as an absolutely stand-alone device. It means that working with other boxes you can connect PadFinder on USB and get in system a universal comport. You can use PadFinder to find the pinout for almost ANY cell phone ( Maxon, Philips, LG, Chinese phones and so on ) or set it manually if you already know the pinout in the phone ( for example, you know the correct pinout on the phone with a new processor ) you can point in the right place and RX / TX pins in two clicks! All you need is just to connect the phone to PadFinder, find the necessary pinout automatically ( using our program ) or manually ( in case if the automatic search is not supported for that CPU type ). After starting the program of other developers ( infinity box, et-box, furios, thunderstorm etc. ) you need to choose the comport with the connected PadFinder on it and start working.

In addition, PadFinder is compatible with the number of the most popular RJ45 cables: Unibox, Multi-box, UFS, JAF, Infinity-box, Griffin, Thunderstorm, Furious-box, SPT-box and other RJ45 cables with compatible Gnd/Vpp pins!

You can also use PadFinder not only for searching the pinouts, but also for compatibility cables. With a cable that works with one box, but does not work with the other - you can completely customize it to your needs in only couple of clicks!

PadFinder is a really Universal cable-box - can work with all brands!

After you have successfully found the pinout, you just run the appropriate soft of any other developer that you have ( Infinity, JAF, Thunderstorm, ET-box, Furious ) and start working!

NO NEED FOR ANY EXTRA ACTIVATIONS to work with other boxes!

PadFinder can work with all other boxes and softwares!



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