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HTC Magic Bricked..Need Help...Pls...


First of all Sorry If I posted this quesry in wrong section...
I rooted my phone :HTC magic 32B(Vodafone) from 1.6 to 1.5 (successfully, I used it for 2 days)
I wanted to resore it to 1.6
When I tried to update it using HTC-Radio update "ota-radio-2_22_19_26I.zip" from HTC Website.
I could installed it,however when I restarted the phone it is stuck on Vodafone Splash screen.... Itried following things :
1) I created the goldcard again and tried to reboot it in to fastboot mode ,but phone is not entering in to boot screen and again Vodafone Splash screen appers.
2)I tried with Power+Trackball combination as well,but it only thing happening is :Blue LED glows and screen is completely blank.
3)I tried to detect the phone from my pc using adb devices , fastboot devices commands, but phone is not detected
Can anybody help me out of this?
It is for sure now..that my phone is bricked...
Now questin is where can I get it repaird??
@Mr.Sunder (admin) Can you please recommend somthing???
I am in Pune ...

Yes but no free stuff ill be use full for u as u have re-flashed radio ma be u have used wrong radio but...... u cn use RIFF Box to get back yr phone alive........

Thanks !! Question is can somebody do this for me and I can pay the repair cost!! :confused:

i have a htc touch the problem is that power switch is damaged  and the switcth is not avaliable in the market now wht is the solution

i can help you my brother..

only JTAG can do for your phone..

see XDA developers site.'


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