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Ericsson/Sony Ericsson Type Approval Code List
« on: December 26, 2007, 01:37:39 PM »
Ericsson/Sony Ericsson Type Approval Code List
Here's a list of Ericsson/Sony Ericsson type codes I've gathered from various sources. It is incomplete and may contain errors. The first table is sorted by phone model numbers; the second by the type numbers.

To reveal the type number, check the Type: code on the barcode label at battery compartment, or in the user manual.

Table 1. Product name ordering A1018s/A1018sc 1100901-BV/CN
A1028s/A1028sc 1100902-BV/CN
A2618s/A2618sc 1101501-BV/CN
A2628s/A2628sc 1101502-BV/CN
A3618s/A3618sc 1101801-BV/CN
CM52 BAE-4001011-BV
CM52 BAE-4001012-BV
D750i/K758c AAB-1022012-BV
F500i/K506c AAB-1021042-BV/CN
GA64 BAC-1051023-BV

GC25 6150101-BV
GC75 6130201-BV
GC79 FAE-1021011-BV
GC82 FAA-1041011-BV
GC83 FAF-1031011-BV
GC85 FAF-1021011-BV
GC86 FAF-1051012-BV
GC89 FAF-1051011-BV
GC99 FAD-3031012-BV
GM12 6050102-BV
GM22 6100201-BV
GM25 6100202-BV
GM27 6100502-BV
GM28 6220502-BV
GM29 6100503-BV
GM41 6100504-BV
GM47 6100501-BV
GM48 6220501-BV
GR47 6100511-BV
GR48 6220511-BV
GR64 BAC-1051021-BV
GS64 BAC-1051022-BV
GT47 6100512-BV
GT48 6220512-BV
J100a AAA-1042021-BV
J100i/J100c AAA-1002021-BV
J110a AAA-1042041-BV
J110i/J110c AAA-1002042-BV
J120i/J120c AAA-1002041-BV
J200i/J200c AAB-1021061-BV/CN
J210i/J210c AAB-1021062-BV/CN
J220a AAA-1042012-BV
J220i/J220c AAA-1002012-BV
J230a AAA-1042011-BV
J230i/J230c AAA-1002011-BV
J300a AAA-1041021-BV
J300i/J300c AAA-1001021-BV
K200a AAA-1042051-BV
K200i/K200c AAA-1002051-BV
K205a AAA-1042052-BV
K205i AAA-1002053-BV
K220i/K220c AAA-1002052-BV
K300a AAA-1031012-BV
K300i/K300c AAB-1021071-BV
K310a AAB-1032012-BV
K310i/K310c AAB-1022042-BV
K320i/K320c AAB-1022043-BV
K500i/K500c AAB-1021043-BV/CN
K508i/K508c AAB-1021044-BV/CN
K510a AAB-1032011-BV
K510i/K510c AAB-1022041-BV
K530c AAB-1022131-BV
K530i AAD-3022091-BV
K550i/K550c AAC-1052021-BV
K550im AAC-1052023-BV
K600i AAD-3021021-BV
K608i AAD-3021023-BV
K610i AAD-3022041-BV
K610im AAD-3022043-BV
K618i/V630i AAD-3022042-BV
K630i AAD-3022101-BV
K660i AAD-30520xx-BV
K700i/K700c AAB-1021041-BV/CN
K750i/K750c AAB-1022011-BV
K770i AAD-3022082-BV
K790a AAF-1032011-BV
K790i/K790c AAF-1022011-BV
K800i AAD-3022031-BV
K810i AAD-3022061-BV
K818c AAB-1022081-BV
K850i AAD-3252011-BV
K858c AAC-1052061-BV
M600i FAD-3022012-BV
M608c FAB-1022011-BV
P1c FAB-1022013-BV
P1i FAD-3022015-BV
P800/P802 7130501-BV/CN
P900/P908 FAB-1021011-BV/CN
P910a FAB-1031012-BV
P910i/P910c FAB-1021012-BV/CN
P990i FAD-3022011-BV
PC300 FAD-3231011-BV
R190 1150101-BV
R250s PRO 1100802-BV
R290 1180101-BV
R310s/R310sc 1101102-BV/CN
R320s/R320sc 1101201-BV/CN
R380s/R380sc 7100101-BV/CN
R380s world 7140101-BV
R520m/R520mc 1130101-BV/CN
R600/R602 1102001-BV/CN
S500i/S500c AAC-1052041-BV
S600i/S600c Cancelled
S700i/S700c AAB-1021051-BV/CN
S710a AAF-1031021-BV
SH888 1100801-BV
T10s/T10sc 1101002-BV/CN
T18s/T18sc 1101001-BV/CN
T20e/T20ec 1101401-BV/CN
T28s/T28sc 1101101-BV/CN
T28 WORLD 1141101-BV
T29s/T29sc 1101601-BV/CN
T39m/T39mc 1130102-BV/CN
T65 1101901-BV/CN
T66 1130401-BV/CN
T68 1130201-BV/CN
T68i/T68ie 1130202-BV/CN
T100/T102/T105 1102101-BV/CN
T106 1022101-BV
T106 1222101-BV
T106 850 1272101-BV
T200/T202 1130501-BV/CN
T226 AAA-1041011-BV
T226s/T237m AAA-1041012-BV
T230/T228 AAA-1001012-BV/CN
T250a AAA-1042061-BV
T250i/T250c AAA-1002061-BV
T290i/T290c AAA-1001013-BV/CN
T292a AAA-1061011-BV
T300/T302 1130601-BV/CN
T310/T312 1130602-BV/CN
T306 1260101-BV
T316 1260102-BV
T600/T602 1130402-BV/CN
T608 1250101-BV
T610/T618 AAB-1021011-BV/CN
T616 AAB-1031011-BV
T630/T628 AAB-1021012-BV/CN
T637 AAB-1031012-BV
T650i AAD-3022081-BV
T658c AAB-1022101-BV
V600i AAD-3021022-BV
V640i AAD-3022102-BV
V800/V802SE/Z800i AAD-3021011-BV
VDC FAF-1031021-BV
W200a AAB-1032013-BV
W200i/W200c AAB-1022044-BV
W300i/W300c AAF-1052031-BV
W380a AAB-10320xx-BV
W380i AAB-10220xx-BV
W550i/W550c AAB-1022021-BV
W580i/W580c AAC-1052042-BV
W600a/W600c/W600i AAF-1052021-BV
W610i/W610c AAC-1052022-BV
W660i AAD-3022071-BV
W700i/W700c AAB-1022014-BV
W710i/W710c AAF-1052041-BV
W712a AAF-1042011-BV
W800i AAB-1022013-BV
W810i/W810c AAF-1052051-BV
W830i/W830c AAB-1022061-BV
W850i AAD-3022021-BV
W880i AAD-3022051-BV
W888c AAB-1022071-BV
W890i AAD-30520xx-BV
W900i AAD-3022011-BV
W908c AAC-1052051-BV
W910i AAD-3052021-BV
W950i FAD-3022013-BV
W958c FAB-1022012-BV
W960i FAD-3022017-BV
Z200/Z208 AAB-1021021-BV/CN
Z250a AAB-1032042-BV
Z250i/Z250c AAB-1022092-BV
Z300a AAA-1041031-BV
Z300i/Z300c AAA-1001031-BV
Z310a AAB-1032021-BV
Z310i/Z310c AAB-1022051-BV
Z320a AAB-1032041-BV
Z320i AAB-1022091-BV
Z500a AAF-1031011-BV
Z502a AAF-1061011-BV
Z520a AAC-1052012-BV
Z520i/Z520c AAC-1052011-BV
Z525a AAC-1052014-BV
Z525i AAC-1052013-BV
Z530i/Z530c AAB-1022031-BV
Z550a AAC-1052031-BV
Z550i/Z550c AAB-1022015-BV
Z558i/Z558c AAB-1022016-BV
Z600/Z608 AAB-1021031-BV/CN
Z610i AAD-3022044-BV
Z710i/Z710c AAF-1052043-BV
Z712a AAF-1042012-BV
Z750a AAD-3252023-BV
Z750i AAD-3252022-BV
Z1010 AAD-3011011-BV
 Table 2. Type code ordering 1022101-BV T106
1100801-BV SH888
1100802-BV R250s PRO
1100901-BV/CN A1018s/A1018sc
1100902-BV/CN A1028s/A1028sc
1101001-BV/CN T18s/T18sc
1101002-BV/CN T10s/T10sc
1101101-BC/CN T28s/T28sc
1101102-BC/CN R310s/R310sc
1101201-BV/CN R320s/R320sc
1101401-BV/CN T20e/T20ec
1101501-BV/CN A2618s/A2618sc
1101502-BV/CN A2628s/A2628sc
1101601-BV/CN T29s/T29sc
1101801-BV/CN A3618s/A3618sc
1101901-BV/CN T65
1102001-BV/CN R600/R602
1102101-BV/CN T100/T102/T105
1130101-BV/CN R520m/R520mc
1130102-BV/CN T39m/T39mc
1130201-BV/CN T68
1130202-BV/CN T68i/T68ie
1130401-BV/CN T66
1130402-BV/CN T600/T602
1130501-BV/CN T200/T202
1130601-BV/CN T300/T302
1130602-BV/CN T310/T312
1141101-BV T28 WORLD
1150101-BV R190
1180101-BV R290
1222101-BV T106
1250101-BV T608
1260101-BV T306
1260102-BV T316
1272101-BV T106 850
6050102-BV GM12
6100201-BV GM22
6100202-BV GM25
6100501-BV GM47
6100502-BV GM27
6100503-BV GM29
6100504-BV GM41
6100511-BV GR47
6100512-BV GT47
6130201-BV GC75
6150101-BV GC25
6220501-BV GM48
6220502-BV GM28
6220511-BV GR48
6220512-BV GT48
7100101-BV/CN R380s/R380sc
7130501-BV/CN P800/P802
7140101-BV R380s world
AAA-1001012-BV/CN T230/T228
AAA-1001013-BV/CN T290i/T290c
AAA-1001021-BV J300i/J300c
AAA-1001031-BV Z300i/Z300c
AAA-1002011-BV J230i/J230c
AAA-1002012-BV J220i/J220c
AAA-1002021-BV J100i/J100c
AAA-1002041-BV J120i/J120c
AAA-1002042-BV J110i/J110c
AAA-1002051-BV K200i/K220c
AAA-1002052-BV K220i/K220c
AAA-1002053-BV K205i
AAA-1022061-BV T250i/T250c
AAA-1041011-BV T226
AAA-1041012-BV T226s/T237m
AAA-1041021-BV J300a
AAA-1041031-BV Z300a
AAA-1042011-BV J230a
AAA-1042012-BV J220a
AAA-1042021-BV J100a
AAA-1042041-BV J110a
AAA-1042051-BV K200a
AAA-1042052-BV K205a
AAA-1042061-BV T250a
AAA-1061011-BV T292a
AAB-1021011-BV/CN T610/T618
AAB-1021012-BV/CN T630/T628
AAB-1021021-BV/CN Z200/Z208
AAB-1021031-BV/CN Z600/Z608
AAB-1021041-BV/CN K700i/K700c
AAB-1021042-BV/CN F500i/K506c
AAB-1021043-BV/CN K500i/K500c
AAB-1021044-BV/CN K508i/K508c
AAB-1021051-BV/CN S700i/S700c
AAB-1021061-BV/CN J200i/J200c
AAB-1021062-BV/CN J210i/J210c
AAB-1021071-BV K300i/K300c
AAB-1022011-BV K750i/K750c
AAB-1022012-BV D750i/K758c
AAB-1022013-BV W800i/W800c
AAB-1022014-BV W700i/W700c
AAB-1022015-BV Z550i/Z550c
AAB-1022016-BV Z558i/Z558c
AAB-1022021-BV W550i/W550c
AAB-1022031-BV Z530i/Z530c
AAB-1022041-BV K510i/K510c
AAB-1022042-BV K310i/K310c
AAB-1022043-BV K320i/K320c
AAB-1022044-BV W200i/W200c
AAB-1022051-BV Z310i/Z310c
AAB-1022061-BV W830i/W830c
AAB-1022071-BV W888c
AAB-1022081-BV K818c
AAB-1022091-BV Z320i
AAB-1022092-BV Z250i/Z250c
AAB-1022101-BV T658c
AAB-1022131-BV K530c
AAB-1031011-BV T616
AAB-1031012-BV T637
AAB-1031021-BV K300a
AAB-1032011-BV K510a
AAB-1032012-BV K310a
AAB-1032013-BV W200a
AAB-1032021-BV Z310a
AAB-1032041-BV Z320a
AAB-1032042-BV Z250a
AAC-1052011-BV Z520i/Z520c
AAC-1052012-BV Z520a
AAC-1052013-BV Z525i
AAC-1052014-BV Z525a
AAC-1052021-BV K550i/K550c
AAC-1052022-BV W610i/W610c
AAC-1052023-BV K550im
AAC-1052031-BV Z550a
AAC-1052041-BV S500i/S500c
AAC-1052042-BV W580i/W580c
AAC-1052051-BV W908c
AAC-1052061-BV K858c
AAD-3011011-BV Z1010
AAD-3021011-BV V800/V802SE/Z800i
AAD-3021021-BV K600i
AAD-3021022-BV V600i
AAD-3021023-BV K608i
AAD-3022011-BV W900i
AAD-3022021-BV W850i
AAD-3022031-BV K800i
AAD-3022041-BV K610i
AAD-3022042-BV K618i/V630i
AAD-3022043-BV K610im
AAD-3022044-BV Z610i
AAD-3022051-BV W880i
AAD-3022061-BV K810i
AAD-3022071-BV W660i
AAD-3022081-BV T650i
AAD-3022082-BV K770i
AAD-3022091-BV K530i
AAD-3022101-BV K630i
AAD-3022102-BV V640i
AAD-3052021-BV W910i
AAD-3252011-BV K850i
AAD-3252022-BV Z750i
AAD-3252023-BV Z750a
AAF-1022011-BV K790i/K790c
AAF-1031011-BV Z500a
AAF-1031021-BV S710a
AAF-1032011-BV K790a
AAF-1042011-BV W712a
AAF-1042012-BV Z712a
AAF-1052021-BV W600a/W600c/W600i
AAF-1052031-BV W300i/W300c
AAF-1052041-BV W710i/W710c
AAF-1052043-BV Z710i/Z710c
AAF-1052051-BV W810i/W810c
AAF-1061011-BV Z502a
BAC-1051012-BV GR64
BAC-1051022-BV GS64
BAC-1051023-BV GA64
BAE-4001011-BV CM52
BAE-4001012-BV CM52
FAA-1041011-BV GC82
FAB-1021011-BV/CN P900/P908
FAB-1021012-BV/CN P910i/P910c
FAB-1022011-BV M608c
FAB-1022012-BV W958c
FAB-1022013-BV P1c
FAB-1031012-BV P910a
FAD-3022011-BV P990i
FAD-3022012-BV M600i
FAD-3022013-BV W950i
FAD-3022015-BV P1i
FAD-3022017-BV W960i
FAD-3031012-BV GC99
FAD-3231011-BV PC300
FAE-1021011-BV GC79
FAF-1021011-BV GC85
FAF-1031011-BV GC83
FAF-1031021-BV VDC
FAF-1051011-BV GC89
FAF-1051012-BV GC86
Cancelled S600i/S600c


In the codes
Before 2003, x10: GSM 900/1800; x13: GSM 900/1800/1900; x14: GSM 900/1900; x15/x18; x26: GSM 850/1800/1900; x02/x22/x27: GSM 850/1900
Since 2003, xAA: plain; xAB: GPRS; xAD: UMTS; xAE: GPRS/WLAN; xAF: EDGE/GPRS, 100: GSM 900/1800; 102: GSM 900/1800/1900; 103: GSM 850/1800/1900; 104: GSM 850/1900; 105: GSM 850/900/1800/1900; 106: with HAC; 301: GSM 900/1800/UMTS; 302: GSM 900/1800/1900/UMTS; 303: GSM 850/900/1800/1900/UMTS; 323: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 HSDPA/UMTS 850/1900/2100
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Ericsson/Sony Ericsson Type Approval Code List
« on: December 26, 2007, 01:37:39 PM »


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