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O2 XDA Mini S disassembly This is a Discussion on O2 XDA Mini S disassembly within the O2 disassembly pictures part of the Picture disassembly guides forums; Tools required : Phillips size ...

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Thumbs upO2 XDA Mini S disassembly

Tools required: Phillips size 0 screwdriver, Torx 5 screwdriver, plastic tool such a guitar plectrum or credit card
  • Remove your back cover, battery, sim and memory card.

  • Use a thin plastic tool, such as a credit card, to remove the camera surround. Slide your tool all the way around the edge of the join to release it.

  • Your phone should now look like below. Remove the screws in the four circled gaps (one may be covered by a warranty sticker).

  • Starting near the top, use your plastic tool to lever the back cover off. Lever at various points round the edge of the battery compartment to release it. You can now remove the battery compartment.

  • The speakers (in the large circles) needed to be lifted inwards. They will still be attached by some wires so they don't need to be removed, just moved away from the housing. You also need to remove the circled orange sticker. Under the sticker there is a ribbon connector. The connector has a black latch which needs flicking over. This will release the ribbon and you can pull it away from the circuit board.

  • The image below shows the speakers lifted out of their slots, the ribbon disconnected and the slide open. Lift the circuit board from the point shown.

  • Lift the circuit board up and you'll see a ribbon still holds it in place. This ribbon attaches like a plug and socket. To disconnect this ribbon lever it away from the circuit board.

  • With the circuit board removed your phone should now look like below.

  • Close the slide and remove the four circled screws

  • You can now lift another layer of the phone away, as shown below. Remove the four screws you now have access to.

  • Now use your plastic tool to lever off the black metal part. Lever at various points around the edge to release the part.

  • Your phone should now look like below. Remove the four circled screws

  • Lift the ribbons away from the phone and you'll have access to the LCD screen. The screen will lift away from the front cover without force.

  • You should now have the LCD removed. Reverse the whole procedure for reassembly.

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mini s disassembly

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