Author Topic: Fast and safety repair of Hardware Failure issue in Sec.Calypso+ and LoCosto phones  (Read 1869 times)


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Additional HW isn't needed, USB-TO-COM cable used for code reading is enough.
SagemTools application can be found in our support area.

We receive few reports from our customers about issue in Sec.Calypso+
and LoCosto phones accepting 8 digit code.
When two or three times wrong codes are lead in, phone don't accept correct codes anymore.
Really problem can be solved with latest update of SagemDD software,
but this can bring a incompatibility with other phones. That's why shall not be made.

1.Phone must be switched ON;
2.Start SagemTools, select USB-TO-COM virtual port select ReadInfos tab and press |Test| button.
3.Now press |Read Infos| button and get phone information in IMEI, Firmware and other fields.
4.Switch to FreeCommands tab and select Free command with CC automatic.
5.Fill data field 02 09 D2 05 00 45 01 0C 00 00 10 and press button |Send|.
6.Get proper Answer 02 09 D2 05 01 44 01 0C 10 84 03.
7.Put code received from server again.
That is all.

Don't apply solution to older phones - HT(xx 00 00).
For phones supported via TP adapters, just use well known CRC repair function of SagDD.

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