View Full Version : MXBOX THUNDER - the new box from MXKEY TEAM, official release.

01-17-2014, 12:52 PM
MXBOX THUNDER hardware description:

USB High Speed: With hardware built-in High Speed USB transceiver, flashing speed increased with 540% compared with MXBOX Green and with 300% compared with MXBOX Orange
Improved built-in SOFT-TMAİ adapter: special build hardware based on CMOS analog switches, with an linear software switchable resistance on BSI line, with values from 0k to 10k and an step increment value of 1k, lowering your total Nokia cables equipment cost
New SUSİ - Shortcut Ultra Shield: Ultra high speed (<1mS) protection against Phone battery pins shortcut embedded
in advanced designed hardware and firmware protect you box against destroy
Full time feedback monitoring of phone VCC line, improving detection and removal of flashing errors related to low power USB ports (find in some older PC motherboards)
Built in hardware accelerator specially designed for Nokia FBUS Flashing serial synchronous protocol, help to improve overall speed when flashing Nokia phones via FBUS interface
Specially designed hardware for easy and fast measurements of voltage and currents, will enable users (with future release special software) to repair many hardware problems on Nokia (and other brands) phones.
Improve fiability/reliance and increase lifespan (compared with older MxBox NXP hardware's) by using well proven Atmel MCU (many other older boxes like UFS, GTI, JAF used Atmel MCUs). HS-USB Cortex-M3 SAM3U MCU have high data-bandwidth architecture based on a 5-layer bus matrix, 22 DMA channels, distributed memory, Dual-Bank Flash and robust EMI tolerance.