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  1. NsPro v3.5.5 released:
  2. NsJtag released
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  11. SGH-X820 Limited Service!!! (Service and Write imei)
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  15. NsPro Released Ver 3.6.0
  16. SGH-E760(2pcs) EEPROM NEEDED(solve by reading another one's good)
  17. Sgh-E530 reboots when you open INBOX!!! Repair via flashing
  18. 707SC unlock succes
  19. 706sc dl 2.30 2007.02 unlocked!
  20. The Easy way to Unlock SGH-J600
  21. Sgh-E310 Hang-up (Solve by flashing)
  22. NsPro v3.7.0 released
  23. Sample of the New Release Ver! Sgh-E200
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  25. SGH-C100 Hang-up no display!
  26. SGH-T509 Unlocking Done With Failed Result!
  27. NsPro Released V3.7.2
  28. SGH-709sc 2007.01 Unlocked!!!
  29. SGH-X620 Hang-up Repaired!!!
  30. SGH-Z240 Auto-off Flashed and repair!!!
  31. SGH-P207 unlocked Done!!!
  32. SGH-D900i Sim lock----Easily done!!!
  33. Blackberry 7100g unlock done by NSMultiunlock!!!
  34. SGH-i607 Cingular unlocked via get info
  35. New announcement: ***J600 IMEI REPAIR AVAILABLE!!!***
  36. SGH-J600 hang-up sometimes insert sim (repair)
  37. NsPro_v3.7.3
  38. SGH-F300 flashing from other firmwares F300PUGCA to Asia firmware F300DXGE1
  39. Treo 650 done by NsMultiunlock!!!
  40. 705sc 2006.10 direct unlock only!!!
  41. Unlock simply SGH-E380
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  43. SGH-M610 t-mobile!!! unlocked directly!!!
  44. E250d Memory Full when taking Picture....Repaired!!!
  45. Ns Multiunlock Manual!!!
  46. SGH-Z560 write imei in 4secs...........Done!!!
  47. NS PRO Update
  48. SGH-C160 Direct Solder with Direct UNLOCKED!!!
  49. SGH-E740 auto-reboot!!!Done Via Flashing!!!
  50. SGH-C450 Unlocked Done by cable Modification!!!
  51. Ns pro to Convert SGH-E317 0XXXXXX Imei to SGH-E315 Success!!!
  52. SGH-Z560 Globe locked-Direct Unlocked...Smoothly!
  53. SGH-C417 fido locked-Unlocked done!!!
  54. NsMultiunlock--UNLOCKED-- Treo 650
  55. SGH-C260 Vodafone locked: Unlocked failed strange Limited Service! (Unlocked Done)
  56. Sgh-d900i Hang-up Revive w/o Flashing
  57. SGH-G600 hang up flashing error "But still Fine"
  58. Sgh-Z500vodafone Unlocked!!!
  59. E316 0XXXX Imei Ns Pro Convert Done!
  60. SGH-E900 green camera display and Auto-reboot! *Done*
  61. SGH-X630 -Searching & No Service- "Done"
  62. Readed FIRMWARE flash to other F300
  63. .:: E900 Unlock Done ::.
  64. D840 unlocked easily
  65. Post here All unlock by NS pro!
  66. SGH-B500 "Please Wait" Revive via Upgrade!
  67. SGH-F330 Succesfully Changed Language!!!
  68. D500 Phone Freeze _REVIVE_ via Repair Mode!
  69. E250d Auto-0ff!!! Reapir Done!!!
  70. Steps in Unlocking A707 Cingular 07.04
  71. Refference to NS pro USERS- T539 Unlocking!
  72. C450 Phone Freeze =Revived=
  73. SGH-F250 Hang on LOGO - Revive-
  74. .: How to properly download flash files from Ns Pro support site for newbies :.
  75. Help E250DDXHA2 file !
  76. J750 Unlock with Modified Cable of E210 in Via "GET INFO"
  77. Z230 restart problem solved via flashing
  78. F480 Direct Unlock
  79. M3510 Unlocked
  80. samsung j750 unlock succeed
  81. NS-Pro main setup direct download
  82. samsung f480 hanging logo fixed
  83. I8910
  84. Samsung Sm-G350 Samsung Core Plus Sucessfuly Unlocked by Nspro