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  1. 03-10-2007 New LG Tool v.1.38 released. New models added!
  2. multibox updated
  4. 13-12-2007 Second BOMB! Nokia 1200 and Nokia 1208 Unlock released!
  5. 17-01-2008 New updates again! NEW Philips tool and Chinese cocktail tool - released!
  6. 22-03-2008 New LG tool v.092 released! Full support for KG270, KG271, KG275, KG276 et
  7. IMPORTANT: What is PadFinder box?
  8. Video files are here :: check them first
  9. How does PadFinder work with other boxes like Infinity, Furious, ET-box etc.?
  10. PadFinder box :: Resellers and Distributors list
  11. How does PadFinder work with Multi-Box and Multi-Box LITE? Do I need activation?
  12. adFinder box - new smart universal box for automatic pinout search!
  13. PadFinder pinout detection procedure
  14. Automatic pinout detection: Troubleshooting
  15. I need a full guide on what is the Main tool.
  16. How to use PadFinder as CLIP?
  17. How to install the drivers for PadFinder?
  18. How to install the drivers for PadFinder?
  19. How to use automatic support area - VIDEO!
  20. How can the manual pinout selection be usefull?
  21. N95 Done Via Infinity Thur Pad Finder Box
  22. ...::: Latest Flash files uploaded on Support Area :::...
  23. Chinese_Cocktail_Padfinder