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  1. setool2 v0.91380096 new released
  2. Setool flash
  3. W700 restart problem solved
  4. K310 CID-50 Sucessfully unlocked with setool
  5. cid52/cid53/pnx5230 full permanent unlocking
  6. HOW TO: Automaticly install USB drivers for ALL phones
  7. ..:: SETool3 Script Maker New Version Released ::..
  8. Setool Software Updates And News.
  9. How To Use Setool Guide By Me
  10. Need experts help on this!!!
  11. Z525a unlocked by SETOOL
  12. Cid52 Server Opened Again
  13. INFO A2 (DB3150) Language Descriptions
  15. SEtool activation for CID52 Unlocking
  16. cid 52 unlocking Video guide here
  17. Successfully Unlock & Change Imei K810i CID52 by Patch with SeTool
  18. K810 cid52 Successfully Unlocked via Flash Patching
  19. w880i succesfully unlock by se tool
  20. Sony Ericson k320i succesfully unlock
  21. 903sh successfully unlock via TP
  22. k800 cid 52 unlocked free by se tool
  23. w580 cid 52 unlocked done by se tool
  24. Another K610i CID52 Unlock by setool
  25. K200-K220i_Repair_Camera_not_save_and_restart problam solusion hear
  26. Tutorial on converting DB2020 cid49/cid51 to cid 52 and unlock
  27. LG U8330 unlocked done!!!
  28. Video tutorial collection on SEtool
  29. Setool Support working now
  30. K550i Tmobile cid 51 color red unlocked!!!
  31. K800i Cid 51 Auto-off Upgrade Succesfully to Cid 52 Done!
  32. se tools new updatre v0.914020_to_v0.914021.rar
  33. Ericsson/Sony Ericsson Type Approval Code List
  34. z710 cid 49 upgrade to cid 52 un;locked done
  35. K800i Auto-off Cid49 Revive! Done!
  36. W850 cid52 patch unlock seccussfully
  37. K320 3pcs lock "Sun" cid50 unlocked done!!!
  38. K800 cid52 patched unlock successfully
  39. V 0.914023 released
  40. W810i DynamicMenuError (Revive by Se tool)
  41. W200i cid52 Unlocked with 12credits!!! Servers Fault huhuhuhu!!!
  42. W660i Phone Locked Code!!! Done via Patch Unlock!!!
  43. Z525a Cingular Unlocked!!!
  44. w300i successfully flash in setool
  45. temporary all setool server closed...
  46. k800 blinking only when powered-up repair done
  47. W300i blinking only when powered up repair done
  48. 903sh initialzing only repair done
  49. k850i unlocking problem
  50. K750 phone freeze on " please wait " repair done
  51. k600i Hang up "Please wait" Done by flashing k608i main+fs
  52. K800 Insert Correct sim fault
  53. Tutorial on converting DB2020 cid49/cid51 to cid 52 and unlock
  54. W580 cid 52 At&t unlock done via flash/patch unlock
  55. 2 pcs w200 cid unlocked by se tools
  56. s500i Unlocked Done via patch main!!!
  57. setools server down???
  58. All is Up and Back Again!!!
  59. 902sh initializing only when powered-up repair done
  60. SETOOL VIDEO TUTORIALS BY mauro1947, Rajan Nishchal & DeDaMrAz
  61. Sony Ericsson V600 blinking only when powered-up repair done
  62. Se K200i auto-off and Hang-up revive~~~
  63. Post all Se tool Unlock Here
  64. W900 & 703shf 2005 Dead Units Revive Success W/ Setool
  65. need setool v0.914020/UNI
  66. how to flash k550 empty board?
  67. K600 white-screen/ freeze on "please wait" repair done
  68. z550i
  69. NEW IP SetUP for SE-TOOLS
  70. Z530i hardtime flashing unit
  71. dead z550i
  72. Frequently Asked Questions (faq). Tips And Tricks
  73. Lg U8120c Hang-up -Revive-
  74. K800i Hang-up (White Screen) =Revive=
  75. 802sh No power =Done=
  76. How can I unlock w910i and w950i
  77. W200i CId52 unlocked FREE with v.0914029
  78. Download All Setool Installer Here
  79. The Best Unlocker Flasher Sony Ericsson Tools ?
  80. W300i CID 52 FREE and Explained
  81. z300a (01 IMEI) no network after unlocked
  82. share your tested flashfiles here
  83. Setool Server Status
  84. Setool New Update v0.914033
  85. Hang-up and Auto-off P990i Revived!!!
  86. Setool New Update v0.914034
  87. **ALL SE USB Drivers **
  88. W800i Hang-up/auto-off =Revive=
  89. All rest file CID_49 -50-51-52-53
  90. .: Setool2 Help Guide :.
  91. SE Tool (v0.914034) Package
  92. W200 T-mobile Unlock done with test-sim
  93. How to service db2010/db2020/pnx5230 cid49/cid50/cid51/cid52/cid53 using new setool2
  94. da solution: HOT!!! openline sony ericsson cid 52 Z310a(PROCEDURE)
  95. SE Tool (v0.914034) Package by mauro1947
  96. k800i Red Blink =Revive=
  97. Simple TIP for Automatic REST File Generation
  98. unlock k200i
  99. SETOOL UPDATE v0.914036
  100. example cable tp for setool
  101. W850i tp done using tp points on side of flashchip same with DBSS
  102. K810 "red blink" repair gdfs done
  103. CID 53 needed
  104. All Bypass Package (23/07/08)
  105. " Configuration Error Solution "
  106. w200i phone cid not supported
  107. .: Z710 successfully flash/convert to W710 walkman phone :.
  108. K800 CID 53 vodafone unlock done
  109. k800i gdfs repaired via testpoint done by setool.
  110. ..::bypass packages update check here::..
  111. W910 Unlock within 20 minutes!
  112. Request Hear Setool flash files
  113. plz request for make an option in setool
  114. P990i Old Security flash and unlock done
  115. K530i unlock done via create rest file w/ guide
  116. Sony Ericsson K550i , Unlocking with usb cable?
  117. k608i gdfs error
  118. Se tool video tutorials
  119. New SeTOOL Videos
  120. Se Tool Video Tutorials
  121. Full DB2020 unlocking (needed for CID52/PNX5230) with special SEtool server.
  122. ..:: SE-Tools Restore Files ::..
  123. Here is video manual to unlock a2 free
  124. <<<w890i success unlock via setool3>>>
  125. flash file
  126. p
  127. k618i
  128. cid52 w200i not work with flashing
  129. W910 unlock succeed
  130. ~~~ ALL Latest Setool2g Test points, cables and GDFS repair Videos in one shell ~~~
  131. ALL Latest Setool2 Test points, cables and GDFS repair Videos
  133. SIMLockPatchGen_v2.2 DB2010/DB2012 CID 49/50/51/52/53
  134. Free flash/repair/customize se db2020/12 cid49/50/51
  136. SETOOL2Help Latest Version
  137. Sony ericsson r306 unlock 100% ok
  138. setool main setup direct download
  139. p1i flashing succeed
  140. w350 unlock succeed
  141. the end of setools!!!!
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  143. k770i cid53 sucessfully unlcok with setool
  144. LG Xenon Gr500 BOOTMODE Trick
  145. k630 no net work resolved
  146. w302 hanging problem solved
  147. w595 no network fixed
  148. k530 dead recovered
  149. k800 red blinking recovered
  150. setool sucessfully unlock post hear
  151. How to work with a2-based phones
  152. Gdfs, trim area request thread
  153. w595 no network and charging problem fixed
  154. How To Activate SETOOL Smart Card?
  155. SE TOOLS goes better now repair GDFS without credits
  156. W610 NO NETWORK FOUND raedy by SETOOLs
  157. k530 dead fixed
  158. w550i unlock
  159. g900 unlock succeed
  160. GT505 unlocked
  161. w100i unlock succeed
  162. help.. needed rest file
  163. lg cf360 unlocked
  164. Setool2 Card Update Information
  165. Xperia x10 unlock succeed
  166. xperia x8 unlocked
  167. zylo w20 unlocked
  168. k530i no network
  169. cid52 to cid53
  170. flash w205
  171. sonyericsson E10i_X10i mini unlocked
  172. Work with semc pda phones
  173. sonyericsson w20 unlocked
  174. W150 please wait fixed
  175. k810 white display fixed
  176. E16i_W8 user code
  177. sonyericsson J10i-02 unlocked
  178. sony ericsson ck15i flashed ok for restarting
  179. sonyericsson u20 x10mini unlocked
  180. unlock s1 android based phones
  181. sonyericsson x10a unlocked
  182. sonyericsson x8 dead boot recovered
  183. sonyericsson x8 e15i unlocked
  184. htc sensation unlocked
  185. sonyericsson p990 hang in logo fixed
  186. sonyericsson j105 user code
  187. sonyericsson st15i fixed
  188. sonyericsson w705 restart
  189. lg gt540 hang in logo
  190. lg optimus t p509
  191. sonyericsson w580 unlocked
  192. sonyericsson w8 e16 unlocked
  193. lg bl40 hang on logo
  194. L.G UPDATES Here!!!!!
  195. LG KS660 Successfully flashed with LGE tools ....
  196. alcatel 606a unlocked
  197. se j108 unlocked
  198. Post Here Successfully Unlocked Phones With LGE TOOL
  199. New LGtool credits consumption scheme
  200. unlock free E15 XPERIA X8 with setool
  201. lg u8360 unlock done by setool
  202. Sgtool could not opened
  203. Lg kp500 flashed and made it ready with in 08:38 min
  204. Xperia Lt18 android lock reset done
  205. LG CF360 successfully unlocked
  206. Samsung s5600v successfully unlocked just one click
  207. GT-M5650 Hang Logo Restart flashing Done
  208. Flash File For Setool
  209. new security 9320 unlocked