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  1. Piranhabox V1.09 Update !! Added MTK | SPD | Mstar | Coolsand New Flash IDS Updated !
  2. Piranhabox V1.10 Update Released !! Perfection MTK | SPD | Mstar | Coolsand Update
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  15. Piranhabox V1.20 Just Another Hot update MTK 6573, 6575, Coolsand , Mstar, SPD & More
  16. Piranhabox V1.24 Hot update MTK 65xx, EMMC Flash, Coolsand , Mstar, SPD & More
  17. Piranhabox V1.27 Updated Released SPD Android ROOT, Gmail/Wipe/Unlock,Coolsand &more
  18. Piranhabox - Update Server / Support Server Down Offline
  19. Piranhabox V1.28 Update Support Patten Lock/Wipe , Samsung, Alcatel, Huawei & more
  20. World first Micromax A90S android version 4.0.4 Imei Repair done
  21. china samsung s7562 imei repair done
  22. Piranhabox Ver 1.31 Released MT6260 / SPD Android / MTK Android/Coolsand/Mstar Unlock
  23. Samsung Orig S6102 Patern Lock Easy Solved No Data Loss
  24. Piranhabox Ver 1.34 Released Added MTK6260 Imei repair Added SPD Android Root
  25. Piranha box karbonn a51 spd android root / pattern unlock done
  26. Piranhabox Ver1.35 Released. Easy Android Imei repair/SPD8810/6820 Easy Safe Format..
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  30. Piranhabox V1.36 Released SPD ADB Root/SPD Safe Format/ Patten lock Without Root/ADB
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  32. Piranhabox V1.37 Released Ernie78 Version
  33. Samsung GT S5570 Pattern Locked Done
  34. Piranha box: V1.38
  35. Piranha box V1.39 SPD Android SC8825/6825 Support Write Flash PAC File
  36. Piranhabox V1.40 Added SPD6820/8810 Write Flash Bin format / MTK Nokia Phones Support
  37. Piranhabox - V1.42 Release All Android Read Pattern lock Code/SPD/And More
  38. Piranhabox V1.44 HOT Relased/SPD Android/MTK/Samsung Android Required Features Added
  39. Cloudfone Thrill 430D Root Remove Pattern Lock By Piranha Box
  40. Piranhabox V1.45 Updated Added MTK6592,SPD6500, Andorid Orginal Data , remove google
  41. Piranhabox- Release V1.46 MT6575/6577/6589/6592 read/write flash Support/SPD & More
  42. Piranhabox V1.47 Added Support New EMMC MTK6589/92 & SPD 6820/8810 Much more
  43. Piranhabox - Skk A11 PatternLock solved
  44. piranhabox -Release v1.48 MT65xx Pattern Remove No Need Debug/FactoryMode Much More