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  1. Cdma-tool update here
  2. INFINITY CDMA TOOL: "Calculator" v1.14 released
  3. Megafon-S4 and Avvio-T519 models supported, Chinese models improvements (MT6252 etc.)
  4. Unlock code calculation for more than 30 models supported
  5. Infinity-Box CDMA-Tool v1.83 released
  7. "Dongle Manager" v1.45 released
  8. "Chinese" models improvements, ChatPhone and Avvio models updated
  9. DC-Unlocker software activation for Infinity-Box users (FREE unlock available)
  10. Infinity-Box CDMA-Tool v1.84 released
  11. Infinity-Box CDMA-Tool v1.85 released
  12. Alcatel models updated: OT-209, 213, 217D, 228, 292, F101, F123, T268, SFR-101, 123
  13. MModule v4.30 released
  14. MModule v4.32 released
  15. MModule v4.33 released
  16. Beeline and Huawei models updated
  17. Logs of successfully unlocked/repaired phones by Infinity-Box CDMA-Tool
  18. BSNL TERACOM LW272 How To Write Dashboard And Unlock Video Tutorial
  19. Reliance tab v9c successful unlock
  20. Main Infinity-Box "MModule" v4.44 released
  21. CDMA-Tool v1.94 released
  22. "CM2_RDA/Coolsand" (Test Version) v0.04:
  23. Infinity-Box CDMA-Tool v2.04 released
  24. Samsung Unlocker `DT-Client` Software Test Reports
  25. Huawei c2206 unlocking done
  26. Mts zte-c s1602 sucessful unlock in 16 second
  27. New Reliance ZTE S183 unlock done.
  28. Procedure To Unlock Alcatel C131