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  1. Avatorbox/Dongle Update ver 7.901 Add Exclusive Hot Update SPD6825/8825
  2. Avator Dongle ver1.0.0.19 Released Added WIFI Repair for MTK SmartPhones
  3. Avator Dongle ver1.0.0.18 out Dual Imei Repair for MTK SmartPhones
  4. AvatorDongle V. Released #Crowley Edition# Only Hot Features Added!!!!!
  5. AvatorBox/Dongle V7.1.26C-Rev1.3!!!Released - Now Unlock Spreadtrum is so easy!!!
  6. AvatorDongle V. Released - Huawei/Allwinner/Tablets/Phablets/Triggers Update
  7. AvatorDongle Update V. ZTE Snowslide!! ♦♦Released♦♦
  8. Original Nokia smart phone model Xl pattern removed done by magicle Avator dongle
  9. Nokia Xl read information done by Avator Brutal key .
  10. Micromax a27 unlock done by avator box
  11. AvatorBox/Dongle ver1.0.0.11Brutal resident Update!! Smartphone,Tables & Much More!!
  12. AllWinner CPU Security Enable/Disable Supported!! [Pattern/Gmail/Pin/&More]Brutal Key
  13. Avatorbox/ dongle ver ,is released For many smart phones 1St july 2014
  14. Avatorbox/Dongle ver1.0.0.9 Brutal Out
  15. Avator Dongle ver1.0.0.8 Brutal Out.. Huawei,Bmobile,Lanix,Vtelca Full Support.
  16. Avatorbox/Dongle ver 6.7126 Updated: Coolsand 8809CPU, Android Addon tool Added
  17. Real World 1st blast in GSM field by Avator brutal Key Samsung S5 Orginal ROO,GMAIL
  18. Avatorbox Ver V6.905 Update MTK 6260 Fully Supported & 6531
  19. Avatorbox Ver V6.901 Exclusive Update SPD 6531 Full Support In Avatorbox
  20. Avatorbox Ver6.817 Unique Update SPD 8810/6820 1 Click Direct Pattern lock Reset
  21. Avatorbox 2014 Version 6.816 Update Released - MTK SmartPhones Supports
  22. Forme Mini 5130 Spd_ Avator box flash
  23. World,s 1st totally dead not booting android alived by amazing Avatorbox
  24. World first spd android Qmobile unlocked with out rooting and debugging.
  25. Videocon V1516 MTK 625A 3MB Sucess Readflash
  26. Rokea R212 SPD 6800h cpu flashed success in AVATOR
  27. INTEX YUVA test by USB cable
  28. AVATOR Recent News and Updates [31-MAR-2013]
  29. How To Register/Authorised Box
  30. AVATOR BOX: Blackberry tool factory v0.1.8.3 RC1
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  32. Avatorbox Ver 5.812 Fix Update released !!!!
  33. HOT UPDATE | Avatorbox 5.700.exe | Mstar Direct Imei Repair Added All CPU'S
  34. Avatorbox Ver5.620 Beta Version For MTK 6252 Test !!
  35. Important | Avatorbox Users Who Facing Problem Read Info Only
  36. AvatorBox News : AVATOR BOX VER 5.610 - 27 August 2011 Update
  37. Avator New Version 5.510
  38. Video Manual for SPD(Spreadtrum)CPU By Avatorbox
  39. Good Box for China