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  1. Be your own mechanic with the $11 Kobra OBD-II Wi-Fi car code reader
  2. It's all about AI, the future and how you can shape it today, and win a prize!
  3. Tekton's 135-piece electronics repair kit is only $29 right now
  4. Organize your office with four AmazonBasics 20-inch zippered cable sleeves for $7
  5. Never get stranded in an emergency with the $54 Anker PowerCore jump starter mini
  6. Android Auto adds a feature to browse full contact list while on the road
  7. OnePlus and Disney are working together to create an Avengers themed OnePlus 6
  8. The US Army wants to create incorruptible quantum computer using Majorana particles
  9. ArenaNet caught using spyware to suspend cheaters in Guild Wars 2
  10. New Xiaomi Black Shark gaming phone officially confirmed with specs
  11. Let this $5 outlet tester help you diagnose electrical problems in your house
  12. New iOS 11.3 update breaks touch functionality on iPhone 8s with 3rd party screens
  13. Details of Android's new navigation system surface
  14. Facebook launches new tool that will let you know if your data was shared with Cambri
  15. This new ransomware will encrypt your desktop files unless you play PlayerUnknown's B
  16. This new Samsung smartphone cannot connect to the Internet
  17. Android P might adopt gesture-based navigation with an iPhone X style navigation bar
  18. The HP Chromebook x2 is the first detachable Chromebook
  19. Google is making Chrome OS more touch-friendly
  20. mGBA 0.6.2 update released with fixes and PSVita audio improvements
  21. The OnePlus 6 will have a software option to 'hide' the notch at the top of the displ
  22. The Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 might be the spiritual succesors to the HTC H
  23. Here is why Samsung's "TouchWiz" is the real "stock" Android
  24. Almost 20 years later, Neverwinter Nights returns to macOS and adds Linux support
  25. Outfit your home with new USB wall receptacles, timer switches and more starting at $
  26. This Tacklife digital multimeter tests the power of your USB ports for just $7
  27. You can now download and install PS1 games to your PSVita with this utility
  28. Moment has introduced an animorphic lens for smartphone filmmakers, starting at $149
  29. Black Shark, Xiaomi's gaming subbrand, is launching a Razer Phone competitor soon
  30. You can now play Counter-Strike on your PS Vita, thanks to an OpenGL port
  31. The most powerful Mac on the market isn't even sold by Apple and it's 6 years old
  32. Wear OS developer preview for Android P announced, now available for Huawei Watch 2
  33. How to add trigger stops to an Xbox One controller for only $20
  34. Images of the OnePlus 6 have leaked, showing a textured back and a headphone jack
  35. Google will block media app Kodi from auto-complete searches because piracy
  36. Celebrate World Backup Day with these discounted hard drives at Amazon
  37. Google's Chrome OS is getting a design refresh later this year
  38. Is it actually legal to browse the dark web? That depends on a couple of variables.
  39. This $7 precision toolkit comes with 48 pieces to help you complete electronics repai
  40. Reddit has banned dark web drug-dealing and arms-trade subreddits
  41. Twitter follows the lead of other social networks and bans cryptocurrency related ads
  42. The process of making your smartphone stand out from the crowd
  43. Firefox has a new extension to prevent Facebook from snooping on you
  44. Acer debuts the first Chrome OS tablet, the Chromebook Tab 10
  45. Following Facebook's data debacle, did you delete your account? Let us know in our po
  46. Google is blocking uncertified Android phones from installing the Google app suite
  47. Score a MacBook Air starting at $700 or MacBook Pro for $1,000 today only
  48. Apple's Space Grey Magic Keyboard, Trackpad, and Mouse now available as standalone ac
  49. Pre-order Apple's just-announced iPad now and get a free $25 Best Buy gift card
  50. OnePlus 5T will no longer be stocked in North America region
  51. Logitech releases a new iPad keyboard with its own smart connector alongside the newl
  52. Intel Graphics Update Tool for Linux discontinued
  53. Facebook has been storing call and text history from Android devices
  54. US State Department buys a $15,000 tool to unlock any iPhone
  55. Android P-ify Xposed module lets you use Android P features on your Oreo device
  56. The Nexus Player finishes its run as Google officially ends support
  57. Google is testing out Android P on Chromebooks
  58. Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ can now boot the official build of TWRP and AOSP
  59. The United States are banning Venezuelan cryptocurrency "Petro" due to involvement by
  60. Bitcoin could become illegal in over 112 countries after child pornography and other
  61. LineageOS' developer team are introducing LineageSDK, includes APIs for styles and pr
  62. China is moving control of the press and film industries directly under the Communist
  63. Here's the full list of all Android watches being updated to Wear OS
  64. How to install English PUBG Mobile on iOS and Android in unsupported regions
  65. Android 8.1 Oreo comes to the Essential Phone
  66. New Tasker Beta has been released through the Google Play Beta Program
  67. Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Beta 1 has been released with support for participating flavors
  68. PS3Xploit Tools v3.0 "HAN" released for the PS3, includes 6 softwares and compatibili
  69. Listen to a different story every time with this artificial intelligence driven podca
  70. A theoretical physicist thinks the future is in merging with robots to form super-hum
  71. Wear OS by Google officially replaces Android Wear
  72. ShortLook for Jailbroken iOS 11 Users, a tweak that lets you see your notifications a
  73. CEO arrested for allegedly selling Blackberry phones to Drug Cartel
  74. Ubuntu installs made 10% faster through zstd, an algorithm made by Facebook
  75. Substratum petitions Google to reverse decision blocking custom overlays
  76. Intel is reportedly looking into buying Broadcom while Qualcomm is being snatched up
  77. Fade to Black ported to the PSVita, all thanks to f2bgl and vitaGL
  78. TheFl0w releases HENkaku 3.65 firmware
  79. This iPhone case will turn your device into a functioning Game Boy
  80. VitaQuake II 1.5 version releases, features 3D hardware acceleration and more
  81. This robot can solve the Rubik's cube faster than any human will ever be able to
  82. The Israeli government is thirstily soliciting zero-days from foreign security compan
  83. Is using the dark web legal?
  84. The UK Police are using a DDoS-style technique to remotely disable drug dealers' phon
  85. Developer Zer0xFF is working on an OpenGL ES implementation for hacked PS4s
  86. These guys successfully created a Nerf gun prosthesis for their friend
  87. YouTuber creates cooling system for his bitcoin mining rig with a weed grow tent
  88. Download Enabler v4 released for PSVita, teases arrival of HENkaku/taiHEN for 3.65 fi
  89. Android P prevents users from installing custom overlays
  90. U.S. town with population of 20,000 is trying to temporarily ban Bitcoin mining
  91. New batch of Chromebook models get support for Android apps, includes the Acer Chrome
  92. Neo-Nazis are now asking their supporters to help them mine Monero, a privacy-focused
  93. Google releases the first Android P developer preview build
  94. These amazing, giant sculptures made from 4,000 pounds of old electronics are cyberpu
  95. Android P might turn your phone into a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse
  96. Chromebook 'Nami' to ship with powerful specs
  97. $10 billion lawsuit filed against Bitcoin 'creator', Craig Wright
  98. Crankshaft Linux distribution can make Rasberry Pi with touchscreen into Android Auto
  99. The first developer preview of Android P is expected to debut this month
  100. VitaQuake 2.9 version now available, features better performance, gyroscope aiming an
  101. Kali Linux for Windows 10 is now available on the Microsoft Store for everyone
  102. LG still hasn't unlocked the bootloader for the US variant of the LG V30+
  103. Dutch engineer creates a facial recognition device to know when his neighbour's cat i
  104. Google is making it easier to build Android Go apps in Android Studio
  105. Essential may use a popup camera on their Essential Phone 2 in order to create a full
  106. "Deepfake" machine-learning porn makers are worried about accidentally making child p
  107. Overclocking the 15 modded Xeon CPU from 2007 using liquid cooling
  108. Ubuntu support in Hyper-V is about to get even better with the new 'enhanced session'
  109. A hacker has returned $17 million in stolen Ether a year after it was stolen
  110. Vita Media Centre lets you play videos on your PS Vita without QCMA
  111. Linux Loader for PS4's running 4.55 released, allowing for the installation of Linux
  112. NVIDIA Shield TV and Xiaomi Mi Box shown running Android Oreo Update
  113. Webkit exploit for PS4's running 5.05 released alongside a jailbreak for PS4's on 4.5
  114. Homebrew Launcher Menu for the Nintendo Switch gets major UI overhaul in new update
  115. Google starts sending out its first batch of I/O tickets
  116. Chrome OS may have an official way to run Linux apps and the terminal soon
  117. Qualcomm's processors will power high end Chromebooks soon
  118. Full iOS 11 jailbreak released, includes Cydia and a Substrate alternative
  119. Qualcomm fills in the blanks, unveils Snapdragon 700 series platforms
  120. Elon Musk stepping down from his role as chair of the board at OpenAI
  121. How to pwn your Super NES Classic
  122. Vivo's Apex concept phone has tiny bezels, pop-up camera and in-display fingerprint s
  123. Nokia announces 749 Nokia 8 Sirocco, improved Nokia 7 Plus and Android Go-powered No
  124. Users of the Essential phone now have the option to opt-in for OTA beta builds
  125. A Team of Physicists have created a new form of light, allowing photons to bind toget
  126. Window Managers for Wayland
  127. Here is how to revert Snapchat's awful new UI and get the old one back on Android and
  128. Homebrew Launcher for Nintendo Switch released for firmware 3.0.0
  129. Protect your jailbroken devices from the character bug using this tweak!
  130. You can play classic SNES games on Analogue's Super NT
  131. Upcoming Steam game 'MonteCrypto' promises Bitcoin to first player who wins
  132. A video on YouTube shows a person playing the Mario theme song using 4 calculators
  133. There is now a website that lets you see where Elon Musk's Sports car is during it's
  134. The GPD Win 2 Review: a Nintendo 3DS-like Handheld that can play AAA PC games
  135. Performance boosting tweaks for Devil May Cry 4 Special edition
  136. Developer ports Android Wear 2 to the Ticwatch 2 in early alpha version
  137. Android Oreo disables Android Pay on the Huawei Watch 2 for non-US/UK users
  138. Essential debuts new colours for its smartphone
  139. Nokia 7+ and Nokia 1 leaks show off powerful cameras, all screen display
  140. Version 2.0 of psvpfstools for PSVita released to decrypt filesystem
  141. T-Mobile sending alert to warn customers of industry level hijacking scam
  142. VLC media player beta includes Chromecast support
  143. Elementary OS 'Juno' will likely be released this Spring
  144. People are using laptop batteries to power their houses
  145. Lower than Low Final Fantasy XV's graphics and extra performance
  146. Cake mobile browser uses 'swipeable' search
  147. GreenG0blin jailbreak for Apple TV 4 is getting closer, but you might want to rethink
  148. OnePlus 5/5T get new beta builds with iPhone X-style navigation gestures, CPU vulnera
  149. Malware based off an NSA security exploit is being used to mine cryptocurrency, and i
  150. Tuhi is a new open source project that enables Wacom SmartPad support on Linux
  151. iBoot and SecureROM source code leaked, but what does this mean for jailbreaking?
  152. Armed men tried to rob a Bitcoin exchange
  153. How to install the new default Ubuntu theme dubbed "Communitheme"
  154. This version of Doom is safe from Spectre and Meltdown and renders one frame every 7
  155. An exploit for the PS4 in rest mode has been revealed for the 5.xx firmware
  156. Google enables the Pixel Visual Core for all apps in Pixel 2's February Update
  157. Chrome's website redirect blocker will probably arrive a little later than promised
  158. Facebook's Bitcoin ad ban is being bypassed by dodgy advertisers
  159. The SEC chairman is 'open' to the regulation of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
  160. Google is working on Material Design 2 with a revised color palette and more
  161. Radeon R7 350, the Chinese 4 GB Vram $100 Budget GPU
  162. Kernel Source Code for Mi A1 released by Xiaomi
  163. GravityBox, an all-in-one module for Xposed Framework has been updated for Android Or
  164. Experimental PSVita emulator Vita3K now in development
  165. Deepfakes has more far-reaching implications than just porn
  166. Google's new Chrome OS update brings improved support for Android apps
  167. Google I/O website gets a fun overhaul, confirms 2018 dates
  168. A Cannon Lake powered detachable Chromebook may be on the way
  169. How to install Discord on Linux
  170. Facebook is banning all cryptocurrency ads
  171. Best camera lenses for your iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S8 to increase your camera's c
  172. Stripe is dropping bitcoin support in April 2018
  173. Dell announces durable Chromebook 5000 series for education
  174. Lenovo vulnerability allows hackers to bypass fingerprint authentication
  175. Android Oreo kernel source code now available for the Motorola Moto X4
  176. Gaming with a 15 modded Xeon CPU from 2007. A Budget Gamer's Dream?
  177. Tired of not having enough space on your iPhone? With this mod you can have 512GB at
  178. Xiaomi Redmi 3S/3X and Sony Xperia Z5 are getting LineageOS 14.1 Official Builds
  179. This stunning Apple OS concept bridges iOS and MacOS
  180. OverCl0ck Apple Watch jailbreak for watchOS 3 released for developers
  181. FrancoKernel released for Android Oreo OxygenOS Open Beta 2
  182. Android Oreo Beta substantially improves low light camera for Nokia 5 and Nokia 6
  183. HMD Global announces Android Oreo 8.1 beta for the Nokia 8
  184. Android Wear 2.8 update includes a true and native dark theme
  185. Nvidia says 'Gamers Come First' amid GPU shortage concerns caused by cryptomining
  186. Sideloading Essential Phone with included cable causes issues which may result in a b
  187. Acer releasing two new Chromebooks and a Chromebox starting in March
  188. Installing tweaks on iOS 11 Electra Jailbreak without the use of a PC or Mac
  189. Apple's iOS 11.3 is now available in the form of a Developer Preview
  190. Windows 10 build 17083 now available for Insiders in the Fast ring
  191. Kernel exploit for iOS 11.2 up to iOS 11.2.1 teased by security researcher
  192. Qualcomm announces two new platforms for Android Things OS
  193. Wine, the Windows compatibility layer, makes it's leap to Android and ChromeOS
  194. A new rounded search bar is in testing by Google for the Google Feed
  195. Kali Linux now runs on Windows 10's Linux Subsystem with the blessing of the develope
  196. A full unlock for all current Nintendo Switch consoles may be on its way
  197. PlayStation 2 ISO execution achieved on the PlayStation 4 with firmware 4.05
  198. The 100 Gaming PC: The Intel Pentium + AMD Radeon HD 5850 experience
  199. Fossil announced new Android Wear watches, under the Kate Spade and Skagen brands
  200. This icicle is so phallic-looking that Twitter decided to censor it as "sensitive mat
  201. OnePlus says up to 40,000 accounts affected in payment breach
  202. Coinhive says Meltdown fixes don't have a negative impact on Monero Mining
  203. BLOCKS modular smartwatch is now shipping out to original backers after CES launch
  204. Libratone TRACK+ earphones include noise cancellation technology
  205. Sony announced new 4K HDR10 Android TVs with Google Assistant built-in
  206. The "Kinda Blue" Google Pixel 2 is now available on Google's Project Fi network
  207. Android Auto now has Google Assistant, which apparently was not there before
  208. URLs for AMP pages is being fixed by Google to show the actual URL of the webpage vis
  209. Nexus / Pixel OTA files and images released for January 2018 patches
  210. Nebraska has become the first Republican state to legally entrench net neutrality
  211. Electrum Bitcoin wallets have had a major security vulnerability for two years
  212. The BlackBerry Motion has been released in the US, available unlocked via Amazon
  213. Major Internet Companies join fight for net neutrality but is it sincere?
  214. A fake porn video of Gal Gadot highlights social ramifications of machine learning
  215. Gamers need not worry, Meltdown and Spectre patches will not hinder your gaming
  216. Samsung might eventually launch a foldable smartphone at the end of the year
  217. Google adds flight information to the Pixel 2's At A Glance widget
  218. Can you properly game on a 55 Intel Pentium PC? Well yes, you can.
  219. Xposed now supports Android Oreo with its new beta
  220. Mine Bitcoin by harvesting your very own body heat
  221. What is Wayland, and why should you care about it?
  222. The Nextbit Robin's cloud storage will be shutting down this March
  223. Sony announces a new car audio system which integrates Android Auto in a more modern
  224. How to sync your Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage with Linux
  225. The unbelievable has happened and the sky is falling as Apple starts signing old iOS
  226. LineageOS 15.1 allows OnePlus 5 users to have an unstable version of Android Oreo 8.1
  227. Razer's Project Linda turns your phone into a laptop
  228. Skagen's first Android Wear smartwatch costs $275
  229. Fingers-on with the new and weird Vital and Keyboard Moto Mods
  230. Vivo's in-display fingerprint sensor shows the future of smartphone biometrics
  231. Wi-Fi security will get tougher with WPA3, promises to bring better security to Wi-F
  232. Stable Magisk version 15.1 released, contains fixes for bootloop bug
  233. Google delivers the Play Store to 10 more Chromebooks
  234. HTC One X10 is finally getting official TWRP Support
  235. OnePlus 5T is getting Oxygen OS Android 8.0 Oreo beta update
  236. OnePlus 5T gets the OxygenOS 4.7.6 update focusing on Camera and System Optimizations
  237. Samsung continues work on the Desktop-Mobile world by registering the DeX pad tradema
  238. Google's Pixel 2 portrait mode ported to other Android Oreo devices without Root
  239. Four unreleased Nokia phones leaked in Nokia 5 Camera App
  240. Lowering the first Crysis graphics to the lowest and testing on an Intel Atom mini la
  241. Xiaomi Mi Max 3 rumored to have a 7-Inch display and a massive battery
  242. Nintendo Switch firmware exploit possibly coming for all firmware versions
  243. ReNpDrm will activate your PS Vita on firmware 3.60
  244. "Hey Google" voice command rolling out to Google Assistant on Android devices
  245. The Linux Mint 19 "Tara" codename and release date have been revealed!
  246. Fingerprint Action Pro lets you use your fingerprint sensor to control your phone
  247. The Moto G4 Plus now supports 64-bit custom ROMs
  248. Security experts release 'Haven', app designed to protect your devices
  249. Early access "Skype Insider" program launched by Microsoft
  250. Face Unlock is coming to the OnePlus 5 soon