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  1. Z3X BOX Updates
  2. samsung c3010s language problem
  3. samsung s3310 user code
  4. samsung e1120 unlock
  5. samsung s5233s user code
  6. z3x main setup direct download
  7. lg kp175 hang in logo fixed
  8. samsung c5212 hang in logo fixed
  9. samsung j700i hang in logo fixed
  10. samsung t456 unlocked
  11. s3653 usercode reset
  12. s3500i imei fixed
  13. LG gs390go unlocked
  14. samsung s5233 blue display fixed
  15. samsung b5313 unlocked
  16. Samsung_3G_tool update_8.8.exe.html
  17. samsung i627 unlocked
  18. E1410 imei ok after done e2p
  19. Samsung 3g tool update_ 8.9
  20. Samsung c 3510 tested file
  21. e1160i unlocked
  22. lg kf390 hang in logo fixed
  23. skypephone s2 unlocked
  24. i5800 unlocked
  25. s8300 unlocked
  26. lg gd510 user code reset
  27. c3303 hang in logo fixed
  28. samsung T959 unlock succeed
  29. c3303 unlock succeed
  30. lg cu920 unlocked
  31. samsung t469 unlocked
  32. s3653 hang in logo fixed
  33. samsung s5620 unlocked
  34. Lg cu720 unlocked
  35. Lg GB220 unlocked
  36. s3653 usercode reset
  37. Z3X BOX Samsung 2g tool 3.5.0029 massive update
  38. samsung e2232 user code reset
  39. samsung c3322 user code
  40. samsung s5263 usercode
  41. b5722 hang in logo fixed
  42. samsung c3322 unlocked
  43. samsung 2G tool 3.5.0033 update
  44. Z3X BOX Samsung shell update 4.2
  45. samsung e1232 hang in logo
  46. samsung s3353 unlocked
  47. samsung chat e2222 password
  48. samsung s5369 galaxy young y
  49. samsung c3312 user code
  50. samsung galaxy ace s5830 unlocked
  51. samsung star s5260 unlocked
  52. I9300 S3 unlock done !!!
  53. samsung c3312 unlocked
  54. samsung a777 unlocked
  55. samsung c6712 usercode
  56. samsung i917 focus unlock done
  57. Z3X Box LG micro update. MTK Smart Tool Update
  58. galaxy s3 4.1.1 unlocked
  59. ALL Z3X USERS!! Read this before use BOX! FAQ: Activation, Driver, Access to support.
  60. [February 12, 2013] Samsung Editor Updated to v2.0
  61. C3312 Flash And Unlock Done
  62. samsung galaxy s3 mini i8190 unlocked
  63. samsung galaxy y s5360 unlocked
  64. samsung c3303 write flash ok z3x box
  65. Samsung s 5610 unlock done by z3x box
  66. Easy-JTAG by z3x-team official released today 11 of may.
  67. Samsung s5220 flash success
  68. samsung s3 i747 unlock done with z3x samsung tool v14.3
  69. samsung s5300 unlocked
  70. Samsung i700 imei repair done
  71. samsung s5260 star 2 unlocked
  72. Samsung e1282t all done with z3x
  74. Success report S5570 on z3x tool
  75. Samsung i9100 no sim/emergency call/imei blanck/imei repair 100% solution
  76. samsung c3303i imei 000000000000 rebuild done by z3x
  77. Samsung S5253 imei repair Done By z3x box
  78. samsung galaxy s4 m919 imei repair full TANKS Z3X
  79. Samsung s5282 pattern lock reset done z3x
  80. Blinking problem solved successfully by z3x
  81. Process satisfactory with Easy JTag here:
  82. Easy-jtag List of Distributors and Resellers will be here:
  83. Easy-jtag [TUTORIAL] How to use partition scripts
  84. Unlock I9190 S4Mini unlock done by z3x
  85. samsung T139 unlock done
  86. Samsung I9300 Flash Success
  87. Samsung i9300 Imei Null/Unknown Baseband Repair Done Odin Vs Z3x
  89. Samsung SHW-M440S Unlock Done By Z3X
  90. Samsung A667 unlock done
  91. Z3x Box Lg Update post only Here
  92. Unlock And Root i9500 4.3 100 % Test , FRIENDS THIS IS THE RIGHT WAY TO UNLOCK THE SI
  93. samsung a767 unlocked
  94. samsung galaxy s4 i9500 unlocked
  95. Z3X-BOX LG Update. LG tool 3.2 released. LG E970, E975, E977
  96. Z3X-BOX LG Update. LG 2-3G Tool v.3.3 Released. New phones added
  97. Z3X-BOX LG Update. LG 2-3G Tool v3.4. Daily Update
  98. Samsung Flashed / Unlocked / Repaired Screen Shoots & Logs Here
  99. Z3X-BOX LG Update. LG 2-3 Tool v.3.7 Update. LG F180L, F180K, F180S added
  100. LG 2-3G Tool v3.8 New phones added
  101. LG 2-3G Tool v3.9 Daily Update
  102. I9195 Unlock done with Samsung Tool v.17.4
  103. Z3X-BOX LG Update. LG 2-3G Tool v4.0. LG-P760, P765, P768, P769 added
  104. Z3X-BOX LG Update: LG 2-3G Tool v4.1 Update.
  105. Z3X-BOX LG update. LG 2-3G Tool v4.2 Update.
  106. samsung c3322 flash by z3x direct usb cable
  107. Z3X-BOX LG Update. LG 2-3G tool 4.3 released. Lof of phone added for flashing
  108. Samsung f480 read codes done by z3x
  109. Z3X-BOX LG Update. LG 2-3G Tool 4.4 Update. NEW GUI, lot of phones added!
  110. i8190L unlock sussesful.............
  111. Samsung i747m 4.3 new security unlock done!
  112. Z3X-BOX LG Update 2-3G tool v4.5 release. Lg z3x going to be HOT
  113. samsung e3309t unlock done
  114. Z3X-BOX LG Update. LG 2-3G Tool v4.6 release. D320, D320F, D320N
  115. Z3X Samsung Editor v3.2. Released. SPD algorithm updated.
  116. Z3x Box LG 2-3G Tool v4.7 release
  117. i9505 Reading security error access denied Solution unlock Done tested by me 100%
  118. I9300 .. Emergency after IMEI repair .. DONE
  119. S4 sprint l720 susessfully unlocked with z3x box
  120. unlock c 3010 s DONE !
  121. Z3X BOX LG Update. LG 2-3G Tool v4.8 release. New phones added.
  122. Z3X-BOX LG Update again. LG 2-3G Tool v4.9 released.
  123. Samsung Flashed / Unlocked / Repaired Screen Shoots & Logs Here
  124. Z3X-BOX LG Update. LG 2-3G Tool Update. v. 5.0 LG G2 added
  125. Samsun Note-3 Neo Unlock Done In 18.2 With NEW security
  126. Z3X-BOX LG Update: LG 2-3G tool v 5.1 Released. New phones added
  127. Z3X-BOX LG Update. LG 2-3G Tool v5.2 released. QCN for most of qualcomm lg.
  128. Z3X-BOX LG Update. LG 2-3G tool 5.3 Released. LG F100, F200 added
  129. Z3X-BOX LG Update. Added F160L, F160K, F160S
  130. Z3X-BOX LG Update. LG 2-3G Update. Added LG D820 unlock/repair/3G fix
  131. Z3X-BOX LG Update. LG 2-3G Tool v5.6 released. New phones added
  132. Z3X-BOX LG UPDATE:LG 2-3G Tool v5.7. Added LG D605 and flashing TOT fw format
  133. Samsung SGH-I407 Unlock! FIRST IN THE WORLD
  134. Rooted firmwares:
  135. Z3x-BOX LG Update. LG 2-3G tool v:5.9 Released. New phones added
  136. Z3X-BOX LG Update.LG 2-3G tool V6.0. D160 and other added
  137. Z3X-BOX LG Update. LG 2-3G Tool v.6.1 Update. D855, D850 added and others
  138. LG 2-3G Tool v6.2 released. Some new phones added
  139. Z3X-BOX LG Update. LG 2-3G tool v6.3 Update. LG F300L/K/S added
  140. Z3X-BOX LG Update. LG 2-3G Tool 6.4 Update. New phone and function added
  141. Z3X-BOX Update. 2-3G Tool v6.6 released. LG Optimus L70, G3 S, G Padô 7.0
  142. Z3X-BOX LG Update. v.6.8. LG D370 L Series III L80, LG L80 Dual, LG G Flex
  143. Z3X-BOX LG Update. LG 2-3G Tool v6.9 released. LG Optimus G Pro(F240), G2(L01F)
  144. Z3X-BOX LG Update. LG tool 7.0 Released, LG Optimus F3 added
  145. Z3X-BOX LG Update. LG 2-3G Tool v7.1 released. LG Optimus F60
  146. Z3X LG MTK Tool is ready! There are no breaking news inside!
  147. Z3X-BOX LG Update.v 7.2 released. LG F520,D390 D290 added
  148. Samsung J100H 4.4.4 Unlock Done