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  1. Absolute no.1 volcano ver
  2. Gpgjtag v2.23
  3. Gpgjtag v2.22
  4. Absolute no.1 volcano ver 2.0.3
  5. Zzkey huawei advanced tool 2.4 now imei repair is free
  6. Mkey V8.1.2 BUILD 11 APR. 2013
  7. NCK Box V1.2 Update Released – SE Flasher Introduced
  8. Gpgjtag v2.0.1
  9. Absolute no.1 volcano ver 2.1
  10. Absolute no.1 volcano
  11. Gpgjtag v2.20
  12. Absolute no.1 volcano ver 2.0
  13. First and only in the world mep0 SD cable
  14. Gpgworkshop ver 4.3
  15. Nck box update v1.0
  16. World first uart p6200/p1000 combo cable
  17. Gpgdragon vs china tablets
  18. Gpgjtag v2.18
  19. Mkey v8.0.9 build 08.march.2013
  20. Volcano Box Successfully Unlocked Sony ericsson (xperia) Phones
  21. Absolute no.1 volcano ver1.9.9 armagedon edition
  22. Gpgdradon v3.19 beta new undate
  24. 2013 Asansam version 2.1.5 Released
  25. Nck box v0.8
  26. Nck box mtk andorid module v1
  27. Cdma tool version 0.4
  28. http://www.gpgindustries.com/news/
  29. Mkey v8.0.9 build 08.march.2013
  30. GPGJTAG V2.17 New Update
  31. Absolute no.1 volcano ver 1.9.8
  32. GPGJTAG V2.16 New Update
  33. World’s First CDMA with NCK Box
  34. Volcanobox 1.9.5 More Stable for Coolsand - SPD new Flash ic -Tutorials added in Soft
  35. GPGWorkshop new release ver 4.1
  36. GPGJTAG V2.08 New Update, K-Touch, Samsung and more..
  37. Mkey v8.0.0 Build 27.JAN.2013 [Beta]
  38. VolcanoBox 1.9.0 World's 1st Coolsand CPU ID - MTK Android 4.0.9 Imei Repair & More..
  39. VolcanoBox 1.8.9 New Easy Gui - World's 1st Qmobile E995 - Spice M6900 - MTK Andoird
  40. Volcanobox 1.8.7 MTK 625a Imei repair & more..
  41. Volcanobox 1.8.7 MTK 625a Imei repair & more..
  42. Hera powered by ITSKINS!!
  43. GPGWorkshop new realise ver 3.9
  44. GPGJTAG V2.07 New Update,TCL C990 and LG P693.
  45. GPGJTAG V2.06 New Update,Lenovo A790E and Hesens N200.
  46. PBTool v. new update!!!
  47. GPGJTAG V2.05 New Update,added more Coolpad and Samsung phones!!!
  48. Zegato powered by ITSKINS!!
  49. World First Android 4.04 Dual core A8 reading with Volcano box!!!
  50. ENZO SOFT powered by ITSKINS!!
  51. Utopia powered by ITSKINS!!
  52. WORLD FIRST Coolsand KPhone M3 All Done by Volcano but not Monkey Donkey Box!!!
  53. Enzo Didjerido powered by ITSKINS!!
  54. Eirene powered by ITSKINS!!
  55. GPGIndustries wish you Merry Christmas!!! :)
  56. GPGJTAG V2.03 New Update,LG F100L&F100S&F100K and XIAOMI 1S!!
  57. VolcanoBox 1.8.2 World's 1st RDA 8851A Fullly Supported ZTE Android & Samsung added !
  58. GPGJTAG V2.02 New Update, added more phones!!!
  59. VolcanoBox 1.8.1 Small White Punch to DonkeyMonkey Teams!!!
  60. Classic Chic powered by ITSKINS.
  61. GPGJTAG V2.00 New Update, added more phones.
  62. VolcanoBox V1.7.9 Can make any Samsung & LG UART cables even C3303K,S7070 etc.
  63. BASIC powered by ITSKINS. Many designs one exclusive style.
  64. ENYALIOS powered by ITSKINS.
  65. Bubble Bee powered by ITSKINS.
  66. GRANITA case powered by ITSKINS.
  67. Victoria powered by ITSKINS.
  68. WORLDFIRST AGAIN Volcano Box 1.7.7 MSTAR 8532B/B2/8533B New flash ic supported & More
  69. World exclusive Lumia TP Cables!!!
  70. PHANTOM case powered by ITSKINS.
  71. GPGJTAG V1.98New Update, Samsung, ZTE and Dell.
  72. ENZO CARBON powered by ITSKINS!!
  73. We welcome you all to our new shop!!
  74. OH-LA-LA powered by ITSKINS.
  75. ATOM Carbon case powered by ITSKINS!!!
  76. GPGJTAG V1.97New Update added more phones!
  77. Ghost - World`s Thinnest PE transparent Case by Itskins.
  78. VolcanoBox 1.7.6 Alcatal Android Supported W939 V861 MOV2 M960 C919 C918 991 C903 etc
  79. World First Karboon K9 Mstar with Boot Pin, D+/D- and USB Flashing
  80. Sesto Elemento powered by ITSKINS!!!
  81. GPGJTAG V1.96New Update, Samsung, Coolpad and more.
  83. 1st time ever Fully Activated Setool plus Complete Cables by GPGIndustries
  84. Asansam(UBTOOL Ver 2.0.0)Released add Restore Orginal EFS!
  85. VolcanoBox V1.7.5 World's 1st & Most Awaiting Solution SKing U Disk Repair Added FREE
  86. GB-Key V1.38 Released ... Another World's First Update!
  87. GPGDragon V3.16A Release<2012-11-26>MTK6251 CPU Add!
  88. GPGJTAG V1.95New Update, Huawei,Coolpad and more.
  89. VolcanoBox 1.7.4 Mix update
  90. GPGJTAG V1.94 New Update added more phones!!
  91. ASANSAM Rev 2.0.4 Released!!
  92. volcano box total Supremacy on china mobile industries!
  93. VolcanoBox 1.7.3 World's 1st MTK Andriod EMMC Flash Format & CDMA Read info & more...
  94. The last factory standing!
  95. VolcanoBox v1.7.2 All Samsung CDMA & All LG CDMA Repair ESN/MEID.
  96. GPGJTAG V1.93 New Update added more phones!!
  97. VolcanoBox World's 1st Knockout Update V1.7.1 MTK Andriod EMMC Flash!!
  98. Micro-Box AIO V2.1.3.5 : MIXED HOT UPDATE: HUAWEI - ZTE!
  99. GPGDragon V3.15 Dipawoli Special!!!SPD 6800H 6803 COM Boot Add
  100. GB-Key ... Must Have Tool ... Still Don't Have it ?
  101. [ Box Firmware Update News ] V1.62 Ready More stable !!! More info Inside the Thread!
  102. JTAG-Pro Tool Aka GPGJTAG V1.91 New Update added more phones!!
  103. World First F-15 New 6252 With USB Read, Write, IMEI done By Volcano.
  104. Volcano box New Update 1.7.0 Adjust spd 6800h flashing and All bugs fixed.
  105. JTAG-Pro Tool Aka GPGJTAG V1.90 New Update !!
  106. VolcanoBox 1.6.9 World's 1st MTK Andriod 4.0.4 Imei Repair Supported now !!
  107. Samsung N7000 Google account open only on volcano Box with out data lose!
  108. GPGJTAG New Update V1.89 Added more!!!
  109. HXC PRO Tool v3.19 Added remove google account / Usercode / pattern lock / pin etc...
  110. VolcanoBox V1.6.8 Added SPD 6820 8810 ANDROID Format!!!
  111. JTAG-Pro Tool Aka GPGJTAG V1.88 New Update !!
  112. VolcanoBox World's 1st SPD Android Imei Repair Supported & more SPD Imei repair
  113. WORLD FIRST 625A CPU IMEI Written (Yxtel E380) Read-Write also-Only Volcano Does
  114. ITSKINS for IPhone5 is released!!!
  115. VolcanoBox V1.6.6 Judgement Day Update - THEY WON'T BE BACK - The Grand Update!
  116. ITSKINS: Exciting new French style mobile accessories !
  117. GPGJTAG v1.86 Added more Samsung and HTC phones.
  118. ASANSAM Rev 2.0.2 BETA Released!!!
  119. HXC Dongle back on it’s Very top!!! Introducing V.3.18
  120. World’s 1St GPGJTAG V1.85 Added more phones.
  121. VolcanoBox 1.6.5 Small MTK Update!!!
  122. WORLD FIRST YXTEL E198 6252 USB Successfully Done by Volcano Box!!!
  123. GPGJTAG V1.84 Added more phones. World’s 1St Models !!!
  124. Spare part for iphone5、ipad2 and Samsung galaxy s3 and galaxy tab 10.1
  125. WORLD FIRST Again - SAMSUNG_GT-3322 RDA 8852D Successfully Info, Read, Format, Write
  126. GPGJTAG New Update V1.83 Added more phones. World’s 1St Models !!!
  127. Wing M64 success fully read write unlock done with Ver 3.10A!!!
  128. ASANSAM Rev 2.0.1 BETA Released Add Unlock and Imei Repair!!!
  129. VolcanoBox V1.6.4 World's 1st Coolsand 16MB Flash id Supported & added More Samsung!!
  130. World’s 1st HXC Pro Tool V3.17 Added HTC Desire C, HTC Golf!!!
  131. GPGJTAG 1.82 Added more phones,World’s 1st Models !!!
  132. Bga plate for phone!!!
  133. WORLD FIRST MTK 6253DVN CPU Supported by RX and TX Soldering Method by VOLCANO 1.6.3!
  134. VolcanoBox Ver 1.6.3 Iphone IMEI Check Service FREE for all VolcanoBox Users !!
  135. Accessories for IPhone5. Now in stock at GSMSP!!!
  136. VolcanoBox v1.6.2 Mix update !!
  137. zZKey update zZ_QCOM v0.502 Huawei U8xxx IMEI Repair NOW POSSIBLE
  138. GPGJTAG 1.78 Added more phones,World's 1st Models !!!
  139. [ GPGDragon V3.08 ] Ready For User !!!!!
  140. Repair unknown baseband i9300 succefully with asansam box!!!
  141. GPGJTAG ver 1.77- 4 World's 1st & more!!!
  142. VolcanoBox 1.5.8 NEW Cpu "RDA" Supported & Media Library & Much more
  143. New version 1.58 work perfect coolsand 8mb!!
  144. World first ev-w420 cable!!!
  145. VolcanoBox V1.5.7 World's 1st MTK625A Read - Write - Format & World's1st Flash id add
  146. zZKey update zZ_QCOM v0.4 All Huawei Modems IMEI repair & more
  147. JTAGPro V1.76 released!
  148. GPGJTAG 1.75 Added more Samsung phones,World's 1st Models !!!
  149. GPG Sim adaptor!!!
  150. PBTool V0.13.027 new update,will Rock you!!!
  151. BAM BAM Volcano 1.5.6 released! Wrld first MTK 625a Support and more!!!
  152. News added nokia camera configuration files by GPGWorkshop!!!
  153. 12 September 2012 - Micro-Box AIO V2.1.1.5 - BLACKBERRY ALCATEL!!!
  154. Asansam ver 1.8.8 and Ubtool version 1.0.8 released!!!
  155. GPGJTAG Ver 1.74 Added more phones!!!
  156. Why would you spend money in other products?When you could buy volcano?
  157. VolcanoBox V1.5.5 Presents World's 1st SPD 6530a Format...Where are Other Teams?
  158. GPGJTAG 1.73 ADDED world's 1st Samsung W999+
  159. World's 1st SPD 6530a Supported. VolcanoBox v1.5.4 440volts Shock to other!
  160. All Latest products from Gsmsp!!!
  161. GPGJTAG Ver 1.72 Added more ZTE phones!!!
  162. Cyclone Box is reloaded!!!
  163. Qcom smart tool delicious edition is released!!
  164. GPGJTAG ver 1.71- 3 World's 1st & more[Around 800 Model Supported]
  165. PBTool V0.12.0.26 new update!!!
  167. VolcanoBox V1.5.2 World's 1st MEDIATEK MT 6162N Imei Changed Supported !
  168. GPGIndustries special pack! Special prices for GPGIndustries resselers!!
  169. GPGWorkshop ver 3.7 Shop manager!
  170. CycloneBox iphone imei check service restored!!!
  171. GPGJTAG ver 1.70 added some HTC & more!!!
  172. PBTool V0.11.025 new update!!!
  173. AsanSam ver 1.8.7 Released add read and write nvm!!
  174. GPGJTAG New Update V1.69 More SAMSUNG ready!!!
  175. GPGDragon V3.06 Release!!!
  176. VolcanoBoxV1.5.0 Huawei Blast,Hot Imei Service featuring Iphone Imei Checker
  177. GPGJTAG New Update V1.68 Added more!!!
  178. Make money with PBTool! Check out all our tuto videos!!
  179. Nocoo e62 infineon fully supported test report by syed mobile zone
  180. Atf sd pro reader by gpgindustries!!!
  181. SonyEricsson Servicing Can Be So Easy
  182. Original Volume Flex for Iphone5
  183. SonyEricsson Servicing Can Be So Easy - Videos Bank inside
  184. GPGJTAG Ver 1.67 Added more ZTE phones!!!
  185. GPGworkshop: Samsung EEPROMS for Z3X-box!!!
  186. Silicone cover for Ipad2 and New Ipad!!!
  187. XP CINTA Mstar write flash done with 3.05!!!
  188. GPGJTAG New Update V1.66 Added 3 Huawei World’s 1St And More!!!
  189. GPGDraogn V3.05 [ Full Support MTK 6255 ] More info inside the thread !!!
  190. Gfive X9 Mstar without Key Press World First by DRAGON!!
  191. NT 878D 2IN1 Rework Station (220v) !!
  192. ASF Rev 1.0.5 Released (ADD NEW CPUs)
  193. [GPGDraogn V3.04] CoolSand Support + 500MB Coolsand Flash files Added On Support!!!!
  194. GPGIndustries Wish and Happy Independence day to our Indian Freinds
  195. GPGIndustries Wish and Happy Independence day to our Pakistanis Friends
  196. Qmobile E950 READ FLASH WITH NOKIA 5310 USB CABLE!!!
  197. Worlds First Nokia Asha-311(RM-714) Fullflashed by CycloneBox!!!
  198. Micro-Dongle is Release!!!
  199. GPGJTAG New Update V1.65 Added Huawei new 5 models!!!
  200. World First Nokia 305 UFC jigs!!!
  201. GPGWorkshop ver.3.6 -Shop manager!!
  202. GPG SL3 25 IN 1 Cable Set!!!
  203. 4SE Latest Release V1.8.9 !!!
  204. Volcanobox V1.4.8 Added Coolsand Ct8853A – Imei Generator & more
  205. zZKey Release zZstuffCalcv0.13 Alcatel, Pantech, Huawei, ZTE
  206. JTAG-Pro Tool Aka GPGJTAG V1.64 new update!!
  207. Again WORLD 1st 6255 CPU (YXTEL C910) Fully Support from USB CABLE by Volcano!!
  208. REAL First in World SPD 6800h USB Read FLASH with Volcano box!!
  209. VolcanoBox V1.4.6 Mix Update Samsung & Huawei & Chinese Mobiles!!Don't Mess With Us
  210. AUG 05 2K12 GPGJTAG V1.63 ZTE World’s 1st Update!!!
  211. More jigs added to ufcpro jtag series!!we will not stop making new models.
  212. 4SE Latest Release V1.8.8 !!
  213. High quality screwdriver for iphone4g/4s!!!
  214. GPGIndustries wish an happy Rakhi festival to all our Indian friends
  215. Volcano Spitting More Lava = VolcanoBox World's 1st Update V1.4.5 = Where Are Others?
  216. Cellcard G3620 unlock done by GPG!!
  217. Pocket projector for iphone4G/4GS !!
  218. GPGJTAG New Update V1.62 Added Haier Phones
  219. GPG Dragon V3.03 Update Ready for our users!!
  220. VolcanoBox V1.4.4 Moon Walk Update
  221. JTAG-Pro Tool Aka GPGJTAG V1.61 new update!!
  222. VolcanoBoxV1.4.3 BOOOMB BOoOMB Update !! Huawei Modem Unlock Code Calculator Added !!
  223. GPG DRAGON V3.02 Ready MTK Factory Set New Function!!
  224. zZKey Release zZAndroidv0.3 Dance Dance. ZTE Android Direct Unlock
  225. Printer Epson Service manuals, schematics added to base!
  226. Transparent pc bumper for galaxy s3 !!!
  227. VolcanoBoxV1.4.2 1st time ever In the History of GSM Karbonn K25i Imei Repair Support
  228. Again WORLD 1st 6255 CPU (YXTEL C910) Fully Supportd by Volcano Box
  229. GPGDragon VER3 SOFTWARE FOR MSTAR 8532/8533D !!
  230. The largest and most complete range of gsmproduct world wide !!
  231. How new spare parts ready in stock!!!
  232. GPGJtag V1.60 World’s 1st HTC SalSa C510E & HuaWei U8860 Added
  233. JTAG-Pro Tool Aka GPGJTAG V1.59 new update!!
  234. VolcanoBoxV1.4.1We make History!!Mostly All Alcatel Phones Supported 4 Unlock & Flash
  235. World’s 2′nd Moses M300 (8 MB File) MSTAR 8532 / 8533D Fully Supported
  236. GPGDragon Firmware 1.60C upgrade!!!
  237. Major 4SE Update !!!
  238. LCD for Samsung Galaxy S2/Galaxy Note !!
  239. Monte carlo unlocked by volcano box !!
  240. World’s 1st VolcanoBox V1.4.0 Coolsand CT8853B Fully Supported
  241. VolcanoBox V1.3.9 Added ZTE Phones & more.. Nothing is Impossible for VolcanoBox !
  242. Gpgindustries and all our supportiveteam wish to all our muslim friends ramadan mubar
  243. Portable screwdriver set !!
  244. JTAG-Pro Tool Aka GPGJTAG V1.58 New Update!
  245. Volcanobox V1.3.8 Added more Samsung phones & more..
  246. Auto MEP UNLOCK\NETWORK Blackberry with PBTOOL !!!
  247. World’s 1st New Cpu W9000 Is Fully Supported with VolcanoBox !!!
  248. GPGXPERT USB Cable set!!
  249. JTAG-Pro Tool Aka GPGJTAG V1.57 !!!
  250. Shop manager Service center manager GPGWorkshop version 3.5